Expertise Sugestion

So, there getting expertise is a real grind and quite boring. The worst part is when you get it on something you know you will never use; for me, that would be sword & board, for example. why not allow us to assign expertise to where we can make the most use out of it?

Gypsum casts do that, but those are limited to one use a day per Slot.

Still, i think we have enough ways to increase our Expertise with Gypsum, OPR chests, Expeditions, Elite chests, Invasion chests and Arena chests.

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if they fix the absense of guranteed bumps for the buss when it came out then it wouldnt be that big a deal.

the normal grind if you are a fresh 60 isnt that bad at all and slightly better now. faction tokens are cheap, the orbs and dungeon orb are daily, do tempest for another free orb per day. (tempestuous cache)

that is 1 diamond, 2 sapphires, 2 temp cache orbs, 1 faction daily orb, 1 topaz if you are feeling saucy, 7 minimum per day for about 1-2 hour investment. and any other boops inside.

without temp it was 4 a day. at the same rate minus easy dungeon orbs.

I think expertise should only be tied to your loot drops and not affect the gear that’s equipped

I feel ya, got everything else to 600 long ago, but even with excessive game time i barely managed to get GS550 on my BB.
Still hoping for a hotfix as it feels like 99% of my BB bumps came from daily gypsum casts.

Thats how it was before … People also didnt like it.

The Problem i see with the whole System is:

It was thought to give you a “hint” how to progress after hitting max level i guess. Doing Level 60 Elite (up to GS 520), then Level 61 Elite (up to GS 540) and so on until you’d be able to do Level 66 Elite for GS 600.

But crafter had to be able to craft up to GS 600 too, so every profession got bufffood+armor+jewelry+trophy+city buff.
I guess the Devs thought it would take a considerable amount of time to achieve all those things but where overwhelmed by the fact how many people would no-life the Game AND work together.

Now the Situation got even worse, people “accepted” it that they would need to do a mindnumbing grind to get their personal dropchance anywhere near 600 … But why even bother if you could buy GS 590+ Gear at the Trading Post, get it crafted or crafting it themself?

A fresh lvl60 could buy some GS 590+ Gear for a fair ammount of Gold, circumventing a HUGE part of the planned progression.

Now the people are crying for new content 1-2 months in because why bother doing Elite runs, “everyone” is decked out in way better Gear. They had only 2 dungeons for endgame, expected the people would need some time to clear them consistently as they progress from GS500 onwards …

AGS had to do so many compromises to please their dwindeling community, so we ended up with the Expertise system.

I think we will see a new GS/Expertise system in the far future, its save to say there are some Devs currently working on a better System, but knowing they need to Change so many systems which are tied together, this wont be an easy task.

Oh and by the way … Reverting back to only affect your loot GS wont change a thing, as you’ll be hardstuck on GS600 anyhow because you’ll still need your expertise to be 600 to use umbral shards to achieve GS625.

It should be do elite runs for the rare drops not the expertise just to make your gear viable. I never seen anyone complain about a fresh 60 getting usable gear. Can they afford it? Great then buy it and use it. I don’t think expertise should be affecting the gear your wearing just loot drops.

People did complain, crafter especially and also part of the PvP crowd.

Again, i do think there should be a new/other System, but i can understand AGS would need to rework so many other things which are tied to the Expertise system, so there is simply no easy solution like “flip-a-switch”.

Even if they would allow to wear GS600 Gear the second one dings lvl60 without beeing scaled down, it would merely take a few hours for someone complaining they get only crappy “low GS Drops” and why are they not getting those sweet BiS Legendary drops.

A few hours later someone will complain about how they are not able to upgrade their GS600 Gear to GS625 via umbral shards.

Try this perspective:

Most MMORPG have RAIDs as a System to get BiS gear. To be RAID ready, you’d need to do hard Dungeons (some call them mythic-, nightmare-, elite-dungeons or whatever) for gear to even survive RAID Trash Mobs, but to be able to do hard dungeons, you’d need to do medium Dungeons for gear to survive. You do normal dungeons while you Level Up to max level, by the time you dinged max level you unlock medium Dungeons.

Now wrap your head around this: every Dungeon drop within the formentioned System is BoE ie sellable. People rush to max level and could instantly buy RAID ready Gear from Trading Post or Crafter for cheap.
Whats left for them to progress through? 1 RAID a Week and a miniscule chance to even get one piece of better gear.
They even have to find 19 people to even attempt that RAID once a Week.

Everything else wont be satisfying for them because they can steamroll everything thats left … From Zero to Hero in no time grants no shot of dopamine, no satisfaction.

Devs cant crank out new content that fast, noone does.

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