Expertise system is terrible

I hit 60 the last week and I was very happy because finally I was able to do bgs. But before that I did pvp missions to get decent pvp gear.

Then I started to do some bgs and I found out there was an incredible big difference of power between enemies and me. I was hitting for a very low damage and they were killing me how they wanted… the worst was the snipping. That was mentally destroying me… 4 shots to kill me like easy.

Then I said OK, I know I remember it was the same in ESO with the Champion points system. I had to maximise it once to have it in every character. Then I started to inform me how to maximise my expertise and as more I was reading I thought but… i can not do this every day… and to get between 2 and 5 points? From 500 to 600? In every kind of piece? When I’m gonna finish???

Then I thought: ok that was the theory let’s bring it to the practice. I did chests and elite runs, bgs and Genesis.

I’ve got almost nothing like +2 in my helmet, +5 in great axe, +5 in spear and etc.

Then I did some calculations like the time it takes to do these runs, find group for them, compete with other groups that are doing the same, teleport costs, slot in group costs and etc and for me the result was: no way for me to hold up with this… is a life killer and I have family and work.

The biggest problem for me was like I can not even enjoy bgs while I’m doing this. The fun will start when I finally get some decent amount of expertise in all my parts and this is something I can not accept.

I can not resign myself to do bgs every day and have no fun with the objective it is temporary and in 6 months is going to change.

Nit only that, I read they are moving the expertise to 620??? Is that for real???

I hope whoever takes these kind of decisions comes with something better.

High end content can not be this. There are 1000 of better ideas to keep the people playing, but not creating big differences of power between players.

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I don’t believe expertise effects your gear in any way yet so you may need to rethink your build.

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