Expertise System Question

Just hit 60 and have a question on Expertise. Would a piece of gear with GS of 502 be better for me than one at 495 that has higher stats and damage for my Char.

Thanks for any input!

No. From a PvE standpoint, GS only really matters in mutators. At that point comparing something similar (602 vs 595) the answer would be yes. Any non-mutators go with the best piece.

I see, thanks for the reply!

What this person said is correct. I would add don’t be afraid to purchase cheap 600 GS stuff off the TP. While you wont be able to use it full 600 right away, it will scale down to 550. As you raise your expertise it will scale back up. So you would still benefit from using it more now. Each server is different but there are a lot of pieces of usable starting armor on our TP for like 100 gold each.

Appreciate the info!


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