Expertise Will kill the game and you Dev´s know it

This game, once a beauty world and enjoyable game that is no longer. just to point out.
At the start of this game, people choose if they like spending time on crafting route (like myself) or try to do some expeditions(gatekeep by orbs, with is a more grindy mechanic).

After countless of hours, suffering your mistakes, dupe exploits, auction house freezes, maintenances, unbalance pvp, abusing taxes gobernors, feel poverty, and get a dead stagnant economy.

Patch after patch you nerfed (ninja nerfed,from shadows,) Which is more outrageous the %loot resources for your lack of end game content, also gatekeeping 24h elite chest (uber nerfed but guess not enought), insane random loot chances to get good drops gatekeeped beyond specific gears just to grind that (but i guess its okay).

Then you add a flagrant PVP Bonus from gatherig and loot luck, which of course cause and already dying and busted economy die faster.

then you come across with the next change to expertise, your renamed watermark system(a boring, grindy and tedious system already) but njinja nerfed (10% chance to 1%) chance just because you dont have new content to get, you timekeep and make more (and more, and more grindy same content).

The game got a lot of top priority fixes but instead you decide (or foced minds me), to make content more grindy probably for some cash grab in the store like a douche move.

you are gonna to throw to the bin almost 600 or more hours of playtime of crafters and render all your crafting useless , because to make a right comparison, you dont buy a car that can run at 100 km/h but hey you have to drive at 20km/H and 5 more speed each week, you buy or spend resources (gold , time or any other) just to enjoy what you buy, its first class economics.

with the next patch your already bleeding and almost dead playerbase will surely quit and of course, even merges could occur, here will be no point of crafting, again. because if you raise your “expertise” to 600 it will be faster, more economical and fun just to loot chests that drop legendary items with random perks because, it wont be sellable.

Im not even taking in account your “listened feedback” lies at this point , just point it right. i dont know if you guys wanna kill your own game and close servers, because wanna all the playerbase to lost ark or some other random game.

but beware your branch, as amazon game studios got, to us, gamers a indeed very bad reputation at best, no one will ever, buy or play any of your products anymore, because you ruthless treath your playerbase patch every patch like some kind of crockroach to be bugged at and smashed.

new world will die in december but i guess its a cool thing because even with all the problems and patience players have shown, till now you choose to answer that undeserved faith with a spit in the face and a kick in the balls.

this is my last and only topic or post, this is where, once a beloved game that could be great sucess ends.

thanks devs for killing your own creation and mocking your playerbase to insane extents. i really hope all your hard work were recognised you did well NOT.

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I’m not gonna read your book man even if you bump it again

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I like how you said this is your last post and then you bumped it with another post. Lool

Crafters got a buff this patch, if you cant see that then i dont know what to tell you. You can now pick 2 perks, get more xp for more awads, etc.

It sounds like you dont pvp or pve (otherwise your WM would naturally rise anyway), so if you dont pvp or pve what do you care what your gear score is? Literally 0 impact on your own game other than you can craft even better items now

Is it because you’ve got the attention span of a botfly?

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