Explain 15 normal per day while 25 mutation per week

AGS said 95% plyer play 25 mutation per week

Please explain where 15 normal per day come?

who the hell no life play 15 per day?

reason for limiting? coz I do 5 muation per day with friends 3-4hrs at night. why LIMIT? reducing end contents?

Feel quitting after 3500 steam hrs since playing game launched

FYI, been posting BANNING selling shard system since APRIL. hate fcking noob cheated 625gs doesnt even know mutation perk ,failing gold run etc

I think they said that 85% of players run less than 20 mutations a week. So only 15% exceed 20.

For the lulz

I don’t think they have taken the group finder into account because once that comes everyone will be finding groups waaay faster, but we will see :man_shrugging:t3:


At the rate you guys are losing players you’ll have 10’s of people logged on and the rest will be bots.

20k stable but alright lol. Same amount as games like Eve and BDO

Think you need to revisit what 20k means. The previous 2 peaks were 16k that’s a 20% drop off from 20k. Keep in mind there is a large bot population too.

Dude. what is your problem? If you talk nonsense like this, you should quit.

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I don’t know man i have issues.

The mutated orbs had a longer purchase CD than the regular ones after all.

Maybe just remove legendary drops from the loot table once past the cap?
Instead of limiting the amount of runs.

a game won’t fix them

NW renting space in your head for free

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AGS Logic…

Take money from the entire server and put it into a few companies pocket that give them millions a week for many months. Those companies in turn can buy out markets and roll all the armor they want to and drive up BiS gear sales well over gold cap while average players are lucky to get a piece of gear before it changes to not so good anymore.

5% of the server does more than 25 dungeons a week… oh crap we better put a cap on this as we dont want them to get ahead. There is nothing to get ahead in but umbral shards and who cares.

lmiting 15 dungeon per day vs 25 mutation per week, i dont see problem?
why AGS limit end contents?

I ONLY play PVE. and more than 25 mutation per week.

I think they should eliminate the limitation, the more mutations they can make, the more threshold they will have available, therefore the price will drop and it will no longer be “so” profitable for gold sellers. And they should make it available to sell in the formal trade.

how the helly do doo you guys get more then 15 orbs mutated or normal per day? just answer me that xD

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Not this game they can’t fix a duping bug since launch.

NW renting a ventilator to stay alive.

Dude, 3500 hrs since launch, that’s about 13hrs per day :open_mouth:
You ever see the daylight? That’s not healthy man.

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The problem are just Umbral Shard sellers.

Umbral shards were never meant to be sold and by doing so, some no-lifes remove endgame grind for the majority of players.

I say make regular expeditions uncapped but limit Mutators to 10 a week to prevent exploits.

Alternatively, remove Legendary/Named drops and Umbral Shards from the loot table past 10 weekly mutators.