Explain me why feat Mutator

Hello community, Hello AGS team,

Please read the whole topic before answering, as there’s a logic behind each section.
I’m sorry if everything isn’t clear, english isn’t my native language.

Could explain me what is going on with new item from mutator ?

First topic :
Designer done an amazing job on new weapon skin which can be looted from mutator (some are god tier, Like this God tier war hammer, far from what we can buy in the cash shop), and some armor looks nice too, but they are not playable.
Here is an example :

New sword skin from mutator (link to NwDB)

I might understand the corrupted bane perk, even if you can’t use it in a pvp content.
BUT WHY this weapon has the Empowering Whirling Blade perk ???
NOBODY is using a weapon with a weapon perk on it …
I say it again : NOBODY is using a weapon with a weapon perk on it when it come to be optimum. We craft Armor with weapon perks on them in order to have 3 perk slot on weapon.

I’m one of those player, chasing for good stuff and nice looking pixel, but this is so disappointing, all the designer’s work time for nothing, and for us, player, which has no carrot to run after.

Second topic :
What is going on concerning Dynastie shipyard ?
No legendary drop except a low Pve healer set, especially as mutator’s item are not usable and again, we use armor with weapon perk on them …

Third topic :

What’s next once you hit GS 625 ?

I understand we need a GS limit, but why there’s no leaderboard, based on the highest rank done and/or the fastest clear ( you understand that I suggest to remove mutation lvl 10 cap )
In order to make it viable, you should remove the cooldown of crafted / bought mutation’s key, but I suggest to do it only for people who hit and earn gold rank of the level 10 mutation of the week.

So okay, you’ll fight to be on the top of the rank, but what’s the reward ?
What I suggest is to give to player something linked to the new content, I mean using new skin AND current mechanics.
It Should be some Legendary Timeless shard with the skin from the current week’s mutation, hopping this carrot is big enough

So, to sum up, at the moment, Mutator is just here to farm some good stuff you could own before ( like Fury from Lazarus ) with better chance to get it, and to improve your GS.
Like many things in this game, good ideas but bad execution



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