[EXPLOIT] - Craft Items without using Mats if you become encumbered

As Pious Atheist,
on Pyrallis (US East)
I accidentally discovered the following EXPLOIT, and was able to confirm with repetition (and modification to suggest wider exploit). Unfortunately this exploit has the potential to devastate in-game economy (and therefor the game itself and your real-life personal economy) and should be considered high-impact, high-priority (I would assume):

I had gathered enough material to begin my process of power-levelling my crafting skills. I first started with weaponsmithing, so I gathered/crafted enough materials to make 20 Iron Rapiers. I was fairly close to encumbered (about 40 lbs/kg/weight units). I then attempted to bulk-craft the 20 rapiers. It went through the animations of crafting the items, until it stopped and said crafting failed. During the animation I had received crafting experience. I opened my crafting skills and confirmed my XP was still there. I then opened my inventory and, to my surprise - not only did I have the 14 or so rapiers that I had crafted (even though it failed), but I still had all the original materials!
I then quickly salvaged all the iron rapiers (gaining even more iron and some repair parts as well), which brought my weight back down, and I was able to repeat the same process!!
Finally, I went to another station (the outfitting), and attempted to do the same thing with armorsmithing. Lo and behold - the exploit worked there too!
Clearly, this would be a VERY bad thing to take root, for it could allow players to easily power-level, and create items with 0 cost, and thereby ruining the in-game economy, and the whole crafting experience.
Also, since this is an active exploit with such danger - please hide this post from the public view ASAP.

From one developer (AWS Architect for a Fortune 100 Company) to another - I would imagine it’s an unhandled exception somewhere! If it were me, I would just add another status message to the bulk crafting screen that says something like: “Crafting halted - Encumbered”, and then make sure to remember to remove those used materials at the end!! :wink: Good luck!)

Pious Atheist


Damn, that’s a huge find if it’s real.
Good job


I hope they can fix it, thanks for shared your experience

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I just tried this with iron ore → iron ingot and it did not work.

I loaded up myself with iron ore and stone, went to the smelter, removed my bags until I became so encumbered that I couldn’t move, then smelted the iron. I was still encumbered after it was smelted but the iron ore disappeared as expected.

please provide screenshots / video prove

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Be just under encumbered, craft items to make you become encumbered (For example if 1 iron ingot takes you over the limit try and craft all 100 ingots at the same time so the crafting fails at 50)
This is what i’m thinking while reading the OP’s comment.
I will test this when i get on shortly and report back.

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Correct. The crafting has to fail. I wasn’t encumbered before I started crafting - the act of bulk crafting put me over the top.

I did try again with other items and the exploit did NOT work (i.e. the crafting succeeded) - so perhaps there are other factors that caused my crafting to fail.

The trick is that the crafting has to fail midway through - if it succeeds, no exploit

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Is it possible that you had the materials in your settlement storage? When crafting at a settlement crafting station it will also pull from your storage for that settlement.

I only ask this because you mentioned that you put stuff in your inventory prior to crafting.

Yeah I would try this beeing nearly encumbered with stuff not used for the crafting process.
So the crafting uses ressources from the storage and puts the product in your bag making you encumbered fast and therefore stopping the process midway.

This was most likely fixed, bug is unreproducable. Won’t let you craft over a certain weight.

Not reproducible.

Thank you for all the responsible people that tried to reproduce this issue (without the intent to gain profit from said exploit).


Yeah, I believe protuberance is on to something. I have only tried it 3 more times, and 2/3 the exploit didn’t work - only the 3rd. I did notice that the third time was also during a lag spike - so I’m wondering if network conditions also were at play perhaps. Good to hear that it isn’t as reproducable as originally feared!

I also noticed a big update today and tried to reproduce and couldn’t. This is hopefully fixed.

Hey! I wanted to reach out and say that I tried to reproduce this after yesterday’s update and it didn’t work so I think they fixed it :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting!

Whichever moderator wants to reach out to me, this is still possible.
There’s an extra step I don’t want to mention here.

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This bug still works, theres an additional step that needs to be timed correctly to make it happen with a certain success rate.

Feels like this game is half client side - half server sided. I recently had my azoth taken but the fast travel failed. Imagine crafting 6 layered leather satchels and it having failed so now you have 4 bags and the mats for another 6? That would literally flood the market with so many finished items.

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