Exploit Early, Exploit Often

This game has a terrible reputation for just letting people abuse every single exploit with no ramifications.

On my server/faction we used to be 100% against exploits, but more and more people are getting tired of having them used against them with no down side that more and more people are just giving up and diving into the exploits.

The developers really need to start doing something about all the exploiters in this game. Actually punishing people. You’re literally going to have a game with nothing but the worst kind of player left if you keep turning off your good players.

Is this really the game community you want? What is the downside of exploiting right now?


I guess it’s only an exploit if someone gets busted for it, till then just another game mechanic.

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There is no downside. I’ve made multiple threads about this for AGS to start banning people. There are certain streamers posting every exploit, showing how to do them for views. Guess what happens to them? Nothing. You have video evidence and AGS does nothing.
If you play this game you need to exploit because they are not even trying to do anything. Mods won’t even reply to these threads.

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No downside. Unfortunately at this point a complete wipe will most likely be necessary to recover the games integrity once the bugs get fixed and worked out.

Ton of my friends found easy gold dupe exploits and what not to max out their gold, skills, etc.
Stopped playing a couple weeks ago and just monitored here and there to see if the game would offer some fixes to play again but I lost hope. IMO people should exploit and cause as many problems as possible so more attention is brought to fixing them ASAP, and if they’re not then the game will rightfully die and scar anyone from purchasing an AGS game again.

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People abusing exploits: Yes.
No ramifications? No.

The exploiter gets to make a thread complaining about how they were unjustly banned and we have to read it.

What are you talking about? There are no ramifications for exploiting. There are no demerits, no punishments, nothing. Except that you beat anyone not exploiting.

Seriously, I’ve seen people exploit blatantly. I’ve reported them, and many others did as well. They were not sanctioned at all (I have them on ignore list, they still log in every day).

They are still doing this, even today. So I fail to see how exploiting has any ramifications.


I can only hope it gets more aggressive and more widely based. When we have people complaining about “false positives” and “unjust bans”, we know jobs are getting done.


At what point does it stop becoming an exploit, and start becoming the meta?

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So much this. SO MUCH this.

I mean the incompetency levels from the devs are something to behold, why would anyone be afraid of ramifications?


You can spool up infinite amount of new accounts with a single purchase of the game. Bans don’t mean anything. If they can’t fix the dupe exploits you can get to lvl 60 in a single day w/ max professions.

As a people, a group, a species, as gamers if we all united. We could have all the power to dictate how studios and developers treat us.

Think about this. If everyone on a server exploited, no one is exploiting. They’re all the same level playing field.

Will Amazon ban an entire server population and leave a few stragglers left to play by themselves, unable to do any group content?

Probably, these baristas aren’t the brightest crayons in the box. So far, and each passing day it becomes clearer.

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