[EXPLOIT] Farming Cathedral / Thorpe legal?

Ikr… i’m still waiting for reports on ppl prone into storage shed from the side.

Bump with RFC from AGS (Request for comments)

I mean - no. If it should be punished to do such things is a complete different question.
But people seriously pretend doing certain trick jumps to access this area, which has been blocked off to NOT access it, is perfectly fine and not exploiting certain flaws in geometry. Like come on…

And no - i dont think people should eat bans for that.

Bump, Needs Dev comment here. Is this a creative use of game mechanics, or an exploit?

There are a lot of bugs as such whether NW or other games. Often or not players will find bugs like this and it was fun to be able to find these kind of things (exploration)… whatever happen to that and now in NW everything has to be legal or not and everyone goes on rage mode demanding them to be banned.

Just report it and then move on. If devs see there’s a need to fix these they will or won’t. If they don’t it’s our gain as players. It’s not the end of the world.

As a rp legend, I jumped through the window to test things out. There is abuse here. Abuse of the revive stat. In the 8 kill I was there for, my revive went from around 150 to 200. I played for 400 hours, and 25% of my revives are from the 3 hours or so I was trapped in that damned church. As melee player, the fight consisted of picking people up or on the ground. Of the 8 kills, only 6 I was in a group for. Of the 6 tags, I got only 3 drops. Only one drop might have upped my bow watermark to like 560~ish, as I do not keep a record. The other I don’t remember, and the last was a 502 shield as I will never get over 510 with shields.

You can go check the church today, and you will not see any poor souls trying to jump into that hell hole. Killing the other devils, know as musketeers, is probably a faster way to increase you watermark.

The only other notable thing in that one way cage is an elite chest that did not reset as quickly as the other elite chests, that is also not possible to get without pulling agro on mr. one shotter, and an alchemy crate. There are invisible walls protecting the furniture and the back of the chest, so the only option is jumping into a corner and praying to not die to de-agrro the boss. No one is going to go for that elite chest because you have to tele out or die after all that.

What is ptr :slight_smile:

It is called a “teaser” to show you he is in there, but not giving access.

Bump. Asking AGS to respond with an official answer if we get banned doing that or not. I dont even care about if its a bug or exploit anymore. People are doing it in masses. Can i for gods sake get an answer if we can all do it now to make this s*it fair?

AGS’s move to not respond at all feels totally unacceptable. We have people farming that boss 20 times a day and people not farming him once because there might be a ban incoming for [reason].

Please AGS. Level the field. Answer this question. Damage has been done and each day AGS keeps their mouths shut is just making the game more unfair.

Thanks. I’m slowly loosing my temper […]

As someone who has played 200 hours of fallout76 in its first year, I can tell you that this is not an exploit. An exploit is something that benefits the player more than others that was not intended. For example, causing the pillar of fire to double hit by dodging after casting is an exploit. Why would a boss that one shots tanks have drops that include a 240 gs jewelry if AGS was not using this to troll people? It has drops to just tempt players away from better locations. If this was Bethesda, leveling using linen gloves would also an exploit.

If this was so exploitative, how does the “masses” of people, in your words, only kill it 20 times a day when its on a 5 or so minute respawn timer? It is obvious that they gave up after 3 hours, (5 min fight with better players than my Valhalla server + 5 min respawn) * 20 / 60 = 3.33 hours, after realizing its just a troll.

As you can see, I am an expert on this, but not on replying on forums.


You make 2 jumps and jump through a window. If jumping, going prone and using a weapons ability is considered an exploit then I guess they should all be removed. If it’s so urgent you would expect a response from the devs as well, considering how urgent and game breaking a jump puzzle is. They could easily do a hotfix and put a box in front of the window to fix this. Their TOS is so intentionally vague that they have a hard time figuring out what is and what isn’t an exploit.


Can we not read the recent dev blog, specifically the topic on exploits? The part about using common sense? You’re glitching through walls or clever use of terrain to gain access in an area not intended for the player base atm, to kill a boss clearly not intended to be accessed yet by the player base, and your all asking if its an exploit? I’ll post it again for those who didn’t read it.

AGS [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 Our Stance on Exploits
A bug is when a game mechanic doesn’t work as intended or described in game. Bugs are things that happen by accident to players and we aren’t interested in suspending or banning in the case of accidents. A bug becomes an exploit when players use it intentionally, repeatedly, or both to obtain an advantage over normal game behavior. In cases where it doesn’t seem very clear to an average player that something is a bug, when possible we’ll specifically identify particular bug use as an exploit to warn they will be acted upon.

An example might be a spawn bug. Let’s say there is a particular creature that only spawns once an hour. A player stumbles upon a sequence of actions that cause the creature to spawn instantly. The first time this happens is a bug. But if the player starts going through the sequence many times to spawn the creature and kill it for loot, they’ve become exploitive, using the bug to gain faster loot access than a regular player would.

If you have to ask many questions past this common sense layer (how many times? What if it’s the same sequence to force spawning but actually a different creature? etc) then you are likely in exploit territory. There are far too many variations here to cover with a blanket rule.

How do we penalize on players deliberately utilizing exploits to win wars or farm gear?
Usually our course of events is to suspend players temporarily first, then switch to banning if the behavior repeats. There are particularly egregious cases where we might fully ban even on first event, if we felt there was sufficient evidence it was done deliberately.

Both of these issues are separate from use of third party software to gain advantage in game. That is not a bug, and a player who is doing this should expect to be fully banned as it against the TOS.

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they arent capable of removing a damn thing. they could have disabled a single perk in hatchet tree but they let the game die with it for 6 entire days until patch day. Same with bloodlust on axe. Theres 2000 of us in the server transfer megathread whos transfers r broke and we cant play the game. THey havent even acknowledged us in over 2 weeks. Support wont help us at all and no fucks are given. Literally 2000 ppl posting they have the bug zero fucks given.

I hate it when I accidentally go to myrkgard. See a sealed church with a Thorpe in it. Accidentally run across a ledge hidden by terrain, accidentally use a jump ability to get to another hidden spot not usually traversable, accidentally prone jump through a visibly solid wall then accidentally get my friends to do all this.


“glitching”? to what i’ve seen, people can jump onto a ledge and crawl through a window, yes - very glitchy huh…

Anyway… Does he actually drop anything good? :smiley:


I dont think people should be punished for it but saying its perfectly fine to go (or rather parcour) there is just dumb

Developers responded to this via Dev Notice now:

  • If you happened to use this type of stuff “once” or a bug/exploits happens once/not repeated on purpose, its no offense.

  • If you farm the boss in myrk, expect a temp. or perma ban. Confirmed by devs.


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