[EXPLOIT] Gamebreaking invincibility exploit! Works in Wars

You can tell who immigrated from wow on these forums.

“This is inconceivable! I am abashed, offended and undebauched of such treasoness and irrecomprehesible behavior of the dev team in such an earth shattering world ending debacle!”

Is this exploit bad? Yes.
Am I hoping it gets fixed? Yes.

You would think world war 6 was going on right now in the real world with mass real life casualties reading what you guys are writing about for a VIDEO GAME exploit.

Still, no fix, no official statement. Great game, teribile that it will die that fast.

how the fk are wars not disabled yet? everyone is losing territory due to this exploit. There’s even video evidence on youtube. A big streamer like shroud even ended his stream yesterday because of that. Come on guys, wake the fk up!

Can we get confirmation that players caught abusing the bug with proof (video, gameplay health bar, frozen) will receive a permanent ban. This is a serious issue especially since I have a war defending our territory later today and it would be almost impossible to kill invulnerable people….

Hi CInetrix, The team is aware of the issue and the impact it is having and could have. Thanks for your suggestion to disable war. The team is reviewing the issue and possible solutions. I understand this is stressful but please do your best to be patient while the team addresses this issue.


Our top priority with any bugs or exploits that come up is to solve the problem as quickly as possible. If there are folks abusing a bug/exploit we will make sure they are handled by moderation.


So don’t bother putting any more work/gold into towns at the moment. Its impossible to keep areas currently because the top company’s are abusing this all day long.


The problem is that it is present in all the servers and people are using this exploit. In my Briedablik server we lost to defend/conquer because of this exploit the other faction was using while we were not. It’s a shame and it breaks PvP, the majority of people today don’t even want to be able to help conquer an area because of this feat. You really have to act fast, because PvP is really present in your game.

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I for one have given up. Call me when you have a clue.

I suggest shutting down and going back to beta. Oh yeah that was the beginning of the end for Crucible.

What motivation do players have if the game is full of bug, bots and exploits.


Continuing to clap cheeks with the homies and having good laughs.
You’re free to join us in doing this, maybe you will actually have fun!


Because of the amount of game breaking bugs currently in the game it’s literally getting to the point where it’s not worth playing, too much tax on first house compared to what was advertised, main quest line bugged so that it cannot be completed as it gives you your T5 Azoth staff but then does not continue to give main story quests, multiple exploits being used in war, not being able to close higher level breaches even with the correct Azoth staff, faction tokens being limited to incorrect amounts etc etc, all of which have been happening for at least a week. The poor communication and lack of quick fixes for these major issues is turning many people away, rightly so.


This is a technical problem of the game. It happens a lot in the war.
Just bad game design.

There’s a lot of people abusing exploits and bugs, though… Specifically harmful are those that let them win wars much easier(like the one this thread is made about, or the ice gauntlet AOE spam), and they seem to be free to do so day in day out.

The warring players thinking is slowly starting to be that it is fair game, since everyone is doing it; There’s even streamers doing it live on twitch…


And return ownership of the territory to those who the exploits have been used against?

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Yep. This is currently how a certain company on our server wins wars. They also have been taking advantage of other exploits that advance their gearscore far faster than intended.

They generally behave poorly.

Exploiters and cheaters need to be banned from the game permanently.

This needs fixing or there is little point to wars in the game…and little point to the game.

Someone needs to acknowledge this and let the community know what you intend to do about it.

The issue is that groups that strictly play fair and report exploits when found are at a severe disadvantage. Seeing people constantly cheating is honestly going to make the honest people lose interest in this game and quit.


In a game where botters can sit on the most popular server Morrow and spam ee1e in chat for 12+ hours because their bot broke while Governors and Consuls of companies have to hide from being mass reported before wars to gain advantage excuse me if I don’t think “just report them” is an acceptable answer…

I sent videos of this exploit to IGN,Polygon,Destructoid and more as well as your generic “we are looking into it” broiler plate response. So expect more mainstream coverage as well

AGS said they want territory conflict to be the main loop of the game yet I see them dragging their behinds on something that invalidates the ENTIRE experience. Combined with outpost rush being disabled and the terrible invasion grouping situation I don’t see meaningful content outside of grinding chests to make an arbitrary number on my character higher.


You will have trouble with last one, because 60+ content have some broken questlines (ghosts for example, even if You kill them they do not mark as completed) and do not get me started on azoth staff not working.