[EXPLOIT] Gamebreaking invincibility exploit! Works in Wars

I can’t believe that there is no official comment on any of these bug reports… How hard is it to report the problem to the team and at least leave a comment: “Thanks for reporting the bug, we’ll look into it”?

Communication is especially really important on exploits like this, where multiple territories can be taken wrongfully.

First step should be disabling wars until the exploit is fixed, even if it would take maintenance time, but we can’t even receive an officially statement regarding the issue.


Some major bugs have been up for 2 weeks and still have not even been acknowledged by anyone on the team. Ignoring bug reports and not fixing major bugs in a decent time will be what turns most players away.

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Radio silence from the devs on this. How did something like this get past QA.


It could very well be that they work on this even tho they have not said anything, but seeing how fast after a post is made a CM comments on certain posts i do not think that is the case.

Unless they are cautious about saying anything at all untill they know the full scope of the problem so they do not say anything that later would prove to be wrongfull.

Hope on a comment soon and some info on what and when this gets worked at.
This should def be a prio if there is downtime tomorrow.

Really need to be fix really soon as possible because thats going to destroy the game… Lets go Amazon employes!!!

All of these people just sit around looking for exploits instead of actually playing the game. Seriously, what is the point??

If you acctually watch the video you he said that he noticed that exploit from other games he played aswell.
People that tend to exploit stuff usually pick up and try out those things in new games so it is not really about looking for ways to break stuff, however that is something the QA team should have been doing and what posts like this will help do in the future to make sure things like this will not happen again when it is fixed hopefully.

Hello! Thank you for reporting this issue, I want to confirm the team is aware and investigating.


Thank you !
That is good news.

one of the biggest exploit ever

I’m not sure what you mean. It’s absolutely something to ban for if used. It’s not something that can be ‘accidentally’ triggered. User has to have full knowledge of the exploit to use it, demonstrating intent. Given the absurd consequences of using such an exploit in war, which can cost players tens of thousands in gold to recuperate from, this should 100% be fully bannable.


If there ever was a good reason to ban, this is 100% it. I’m guessing the punishments will be harsh as this exploit directly has an effect on other player experience and a large portion of the game.


I never said it wasn’t a huge problem. Again, y’all are a bit too dramatic. Drink some tea and chill out.

What ignorance exactly.

You’re ignorant if you don’t think they read everything. You seem to be under the impression that this needs to be the front page of every news paper for them to realize the gravity of the issue. That or you think that 9091023 people screaming about one thing is going to make the code fix itself even faster? Like that’s not how anything works bud. But you do you.

The lack of patience some of you display is really telling, and quite bothersome. I applaud Amazon for even wanting to have public channels for their product as reading what some of you people type is off putting to say the least. Just doesn’t make any sense, but hey you do you.

Do they not test this? This has been used in a lot of games 10 years ago… WOW. Shocked this was left in from a company so big. Who did they hire to code this…

Wars need to be disabled while this is resolved, There is a covenant guild on Morrow abusing this exploit in wars to take territory.

I believe they have jobs open for both QA and software engineering, go show them how it’s done since you clearly know!

Take down their names and report them(bonus points for video evidence)! You shouldn’t need to work at JPL to have figured out this course of action!

Great, but that won’t give the territory back that was lost to this exploit.

…Don’t have that data client side. HUGE DUH MOMENT

it seems my statement went over your head. Hey man, best of luck to you! I am not going to educate another adult human being today!

Just go take it back?
I assume if they need the exploit to take it, taking it back should be no matter. Right? I don’t understand why people are flipping out over this. It’s as if y’all expect not to ever lose/fight back for territory. Y’all sure you are in it for the PvP?

Just dont get why you act so offended because people are upset about this exploit that is all.

Yeah it should be a high priority, and just trusting that every word posted get read blindly is not really realistic. How it usually works is the more attention a topic get the more likely is it to be prioritized becuase if a lot of people get angry it is bad for buisness.

You are free to not read what is written here if it bothers you, and we are all free to type what ever we want as long as it is inside the community guidelines, enjoy your freedom and opinion and meenwhile i will just thank everyone that was a part of shedding light on this issue and bringing it to the attention it deserve.