[EXPLOIT] Gamebreaking invincibility exploit! Works in Wars

still atm i have to pay extreme taxes to do anything, not kinda fair since i don’t personally want to use exploits, while they get richer and richer

We all hope there will be a harsh punishment and ownership of affected territorys will be transfered back. Ban them, forever. Its used by companys that are dumb as hell.

Could u stop all wars pls until this is fixed. Sucks if u keep this going!

It isnt just stressfull, it is demotivating and there need to be harsh punishment for the Company thats using it! You need to find a solution asap, otherwise a lot of ppl will surely consider quiting.

We all found it nice how u handled exploits till now and how many Bans u guys dished out! Keep it up, but for this u need to be quick. Thx!

AGS wars need to be disabled until this is fixed. This makes it 100% impossible to win a war without cheating yourself.

Please disable wars until this issue is addressed, PvP in this game is not only laggy, but also full of exploits and bugs, makes game really unenjoyable!

For most company´s on our server its either cheat or quit it for a while.

We have no intent to cheat, but thats how it is right now.

Put down servers if u need to fix this mess. I dont care honestly. Rather wait then have to deal with this shit!

This is a nasty bug to be sure, I hope the NW devs have the ability to audit the logs to detect historical abuse. Any co-ordinated exploit by a company should result in banning of individuals, deletion of the company and territory returned to neutral.

I’m happy that our server is so chill and don’t have to worry about things like this. Noone used the mass report exploit and haven’t seen them use this either. But still wars needs to be disabled ASAP, don’t know what they are waiting for.

Outpost Rush was disabled for a way less kind of a problem, so i dont get it rly.

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Thanks for using my video, i really want this to get noticed by devs! Please spam this everywhere


Yep, we got no response on the original post made by you and your video, also posted it on reddit and people were mad that we were exposing it but otherwise we could’ve not gotten the amount of attention that this has had so far.

This is happening to us in our server and after spending like 4 hours grinding PvP missions during the night we weren’t even able to declare war due to a bug… for the 5th time already, this really sucks


Yes this needs a Roll back of control for these territories. Only solution

PCGamer wrote an article about it.

We lost Windsward to this exploit the other night. Now these cheaters get to rake in taxes of the most popular trade city on the server. Time to start banning people.

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Same, we lost a territory tonight to this exploit and the video clearly shows the same invincibility exploit that was brought to Amazon’s attention days/week ago. Amazon should have immediately ceased all war mechanics on all servers until they could get their act together enough to patch/fix this issue. Instead, they allow this exploit to exponentially grow while they think about what to do next? Wow Amazon, step up and cease all war activity until you have a fix and then actively ban every single player that you have video evidence of doing this. Better yet, hire more full time employees just to seek these scum out and actively ban every single one of them.

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Happened yesterday on Ravenal (EU/DE) in Mourningdale. Defenders were “WildFoxes” and exploiters were “Riva”.

Good day to everyone. I’m from Russia and it’s hard for me to find the right topic where I can write about the problem. And since I’m new, I probably can’t create a topic about two problems. I hope you will understand me and not condemn me, so with your permission I will write here:

Problem #1:
error @mm_authresult_http_error_response

I read that updating the anti-cheat and checking the local files of the game helps with this problem, but unfortunately this method does not work, and the problem with logging into the game persists.

Problem #2:
I play as a magician and eat mana regeneration food. The problem is that the buff disappears after some time, although it should work for 30 minutes. This is very unpleasant, given the fact that mana is constantly lacking.

Well, I watched some more moments, but it won’t be right to write everything here. I wrote about something that is no longer possible to tolerate! Please help me.

This issue has been happening for the last 2 weeks on Icaria.

We need an urgent fix.

as a MMO with core of PVP Wars, this bug was deadly, and I don’t know why they still take no action.

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My company has held Brightwood since launch day and we just lost it today due to a company repeatedly shoving all their tanks onto the point, making themselves invuln, and just waiting there for however long it took to cap. We could get people on point but our tanks would die while theirs wouldn’t so it was impossible to hold an objective. Especially since even after them supposedly “fixing” ice gauntlet causing lag, wars are still laggy AF so all they really did was nerf the weapon’s best ability while not addressing the actual issues.

Problem #1 probably should go into Game Support
#2 looks like it should go into Bugs

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