[EXPLOIT] Gamebreaking invincibility exploit! Works in Wars

Sadly Noob company developing an MMO, it shows in every aspect of the game from:

  • targeting
  • UI
  • respawns
  • loot distribution
  • questing


Thank you thats all we wanted to hear!

thats great, so how do you fix Brazir? Half the board is green due to ice gauntlet spamming wars.

This is an exploit that doesn’t just randomly trigger. People that uses it knows what they are doing and should be punished accordingly. I would argue that these people should be banned and made an example of how not to act when you find exploits.


to be fair I don’t get why all these people aren’t getting banned, but still this is happening on almost all servers, so if you wanna win a war and have a territory, you gotta cheat.

Since there are actually no response from AG this seems to be the normality and the way wars should actually be played.
Kinda sad because the original idea of having 50v50 was fun, i had the opportunity of playing 2/3 wars without anyone using this exploit.
These new “wars” (if we can call them this way) are literally killing the game already, since these are supposed to be one of the cores of the game.
No fair player has interest in joining wars they know they can’t win without cheating aswell, just makes people quit the game already,

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Game breaking and so frustrating. I belong to Syndicate faction in Manghalour server and we have never lost a war prior to this exploit. We communicate and work together more efficiently than the other two factions, and yet this has allowed them to “win” and throw our hard work along with our resources away. Why has this not been addressed at all? We need hot fixes for exploits like this. Additionally anyone caught exploiting like this needs to be permanently banned, there is no way to do this “accidentally”. So insane.

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problem #1
probably you have opened a side program that goes in conflict. try closing them (those that runs automatically when you open the PC, like epic games launcher/gameforge launcher/synapse etc).

problem #2
when this happens you have to eat another food that gives you another buff, it will overwrite the one you have, so you can eat the 1st food again and get the buff, unluckily at the moment this is the only solution to fix this bug.

Complains about exploits then admits doing similar exploits in other games SMH. Did you guys watch the video lol

Understood you friends, thanks more for the feedback. New solutions have been received from you, I haven’t tried them yet. Thank you and have a good mood.

@Luxendra has this bug made it to the team? its literally breaking the game

Seen this firsthand last night on Taka during the war for BW. To bad these guilds won’t get banned for stealing wars with this exploit.

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We lost a zone because people were abusing this. GG Amazon for having CLIENT sided information. Developing 101, always make this stuff server sided. Now go and rebuild your entire game so we can PVP fairly.

So what you are saying is:
You are not going to / able to disable wars?

Instead of preventing exploits you are going to let it go?
You will never be able to get all the exploiters, neither are you able to find out if the war result would have been turned if the exploits wouldnt have been used. So no turning back of the towns as well.

If you dont use the exploits, you are the victim.
If you use the exploits, the chances are very low to get banned. Because you would need multiple reports to be caught.

You rely 100% of the work of the players. And even if we report something, the first thing you devs say is “nah, it works as intented”.
3 days later: “oh, we are aware of it”.

If you are not going to disable bugged features, how about GameMaster that observe (critical events)?


The fact this hasn’t had emergency maintenance for is amazing.



Uhh Oh New World is making gaming news with its most current bug. You know what they say about bad publicity.

This is also happening in Orofena, ever since this exploit was found out, the bandits(green) have been abusing this heavily. The only zones they controlled before then was Everfall, First Light, and Cutlass. First they took Windwards, then Mourning Dale, then Restless using this exploit. The upcoming war is initiated by the bandits for Monarch, and they are rapidly filling up the influence bars to do the same for the rest of the map


Eridanus server - Syndicate Serpentis Kiss lost Brightwood for the first time since they got the territory and apparently Marauders did this when they took it last night. Also, most of the main people in Serpentis Kiss were apparently served with 24hr bans before the war due to mass reporting.

I watch a stream of DarkHole Explorers Syndicate in their war as attackers and I was quite shocked that winning was basically idle tanks on points doing absolutely nothing whilst getting healed.

Litterally just a couple of melee dps running round putting the odd damage in. The defenders were all steaming in but just getting wrecked by … I dont know I think the healers were also doing all the dmg tbh.

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We were wondering on our server why a faction just all of a sudden became gods at PvP and is literally taking everything…they were getting stomped at every turn then bam, 4 wars back to back unstoppable no matter what we do

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This should be #1 priority above all else, should’ve been fixed already.