Exploit Impact Address

I have no idea what exploit you guys talking about. The Tempest stack stats? Or something new?

guess the tempest guaranteed 600gs crafts aswell…

thing is at this point they cant do anything anymore.

imagine they ban 10% of their playerbase ( or more if we look at the Great Axe Gravity Well Bug abuse right now )

the Game would die…

wait, what did they patch? what did I miss?

the tempest crafting got disabled few days ago

that was an exploit?? It barely does anything

barely ?
u can craft 600 items in ton’s, get BiS way easier

  • there was a stat bug, where ppl had like 30k hp or smth

30k hp? I crafted some tempest gear too and I don’t have 30k hp. To be honest other than for corrupted mutation the perks pool for these gears is terrible.

Also if this is an exploit, how come AGS didn’t force all those youtubers to take down the videos? I think this is a bug, that’s it, hardly a game breaking exploit. People always blow a lot of stuff out of proportions these days.

The thing was it would stack the +25 stat after removing the item, so you could craft a bunch of CON gear, equip it, change it, and you could stack up.

I’ve seen all 500 stats screenshots.

Didn’t happen to me, but at least they fix that.

AGS knew about the exploit and rushed out a patch to fix it. It took them two days to get the patch to live. In those two days companies used the exploit to take multiple territories that they still hold. AGS chose not to disable wars and allowed it to happen. There was nothing done to the people that have greatly benefitted from using the exploit.

Beyond that, AGS has not even acknowledged that the exploit existed or was used.

Craft gear with resources that are not legendary? That gets shut down instantly.

i asked a player, quite reasonably why he would exploit and why he would cheat like that… the response i got was eye opening. “the devs WANT me to cheat, they WANT me to find ways to break their game. its why they put stuff in early access. its okay to do this because they want me to do it and i see no reason to stop”. i appreciated his honesty… and yes i realize the irony of that lol.

At this point the meta of the game has become exploit early and exploit often because AGS refuses to do anything about it. If you do not abuse the exploits you are left behind with no real way of catching up.

I am trying to get AGS to admit that this is the reality that they have created and explain why or how they are going to change this.

yep, and ive seen some horrible abuses of it, watched a mega company on my first server dominate the map with exploits. killed our server population and then got merged to another server.

So if you think that, then the post and it’s purpose are somewhat meaninglesss…

Still waiting. I am sure that AGS is busy coding the next exploit but we would like to hear something about what they plan to to do the people that abuse it.

New update, still no fix for the biggest exploit being abused in the game.

Still no comments from AGS.

Let me put on my surprised face.

Still nothing from AGS…

If they can’t undo the results of an exploit they should do a rollback.
But based on AGS’s history, nothing will happen. Yes, not even serious dupe issues or weeks of players exploiting weapon and armor glitches.

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It’s been the same song and dance since launch. Do you expect them to change now?

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