Exploit Influence // Exploit Influence during Invasion

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First Bug : Some players are exploiting a bug to generate abnormal influence bonus while rending PvP quests. This is very concerning and to be considered as a GAME BREAKER. for example, 3 players did generate 10% with 3 quests… instead of 1.5%

Second Bug : Some Players are exploiting the fact to build up Influence through an invasion declaration, which according the game specifications, this is not possible. Our guild cannot decrease the %. In addition with the first above mentioned bug, this shall also be considered as a GAME BREAKER.

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  • 300121

  • 292766

  • 309498

  • 295370

  • 292024

  • 300319

  • 301336

  • 298159

  • 306558

  • 307887

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On Menkar server, today the Syndicates used the same exploit to declare 4 wars as soon as the invasion finished

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