[Exploit] Macro Abusing | Game Disruption | Mass Reporting

  • What is your character name in New World: RaisinBranTM
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: AP Southeast/Fusang
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Player macroing | Game Disruption | Mass Reporting
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Exploit
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Ban

Players like this use macroing to have an advantage in-game. This is just one of many macro’s he could be utilizing when it comes to traveling, pvping, or crafting. They have also been causing game disruption by mass reporting players, getting them banned, and inhibiting other factions from having key members. They have gone ahead and re-named their faction from 47Gamu to 47Reporters as a sign of disrespect, blatantly boasting about what they have done.
Additionally, many members of 47Gamu have been exploiting Boarshelm and AFK macroing, not allowing many members on Fusang to log in. All this influence comes from NoctisAK47, who has a large following on Twitch and due to his actions, influences many players to abuse and exploit in New World.

**UPDATE: Attached image of multiple Marauder members exploiting XP grinding abusing AFK macros with the life staff.

**UPDATE 2: NoctisAK47 has been banned for 3 days. That does not stop him, he is now account sharing and ban evading, poof listed below in multiple posts. This type of behavior conveys to his 100k+ twitch followers that this type of behavior is ok and that you can just work around the rules and nothing will happen.

**UPDATE 3: 47Gamu has gone ahead and re-named their company to 47Macro blatantly mocking Amazon, the community, and New World, it is out-right disgusting.

Liable player and company leader: NoctisAK47


Wow… To cheat on a game like this Especially while on stream!!


they changed their name to even admit what theyre doing. Macros and AFK xp farming to the instant spawn zone.


man got caught in 4k xd


100% agree with this, These “47reporters” from day 1 have been exploiting as much as they can weather its farming glitched elite boss spawns, macroing at boarsholm in Restlesshore or clogging up the servers by afk running into walls. They have been a complete nuisance from day 1 and now their exploits are taking affect on our gameplay… They are so far over leveled from their continuous exploits and afk xp farms that its completely ruining wars, thus making them extremely 1 sided. AP Southeast Fusang needs these exploiters punished.


Had a quick look on his Twitch just now. Spawn killing/exploiting boars which seem to be instantly respawning with at least 30 others and then simultaneously hopping to a second New World window/character to blitz a flag with another large group.


If you can clip it, add it to the thread.


These guys get the game cheaper than what AU/NZ do.
Then they also have to ruin the experience for us. Amazon doesn’t seem to care about these pests running amok abusing exploits and using macros. I highly doubt they will issues bans until it’s too late. The only way to beat them is to exploit the exploiters.
So sad to see this game get ruined,

Anyone that gives them a run for their money just gets mass banned and locked out while they grind with macros and overtake everyone it’s hardly fair

hopefully, if we show this thread to steam they might consider refunding us AU/NZ players if we request.


Horrendous, if this goes unpunished it sets a very bad precedent for the future of the game and effects an entire server of players.


How’s the players get banned? I think on his/her ban evidence must has any bad word, racist & toxic also. There’s impossible to get banned just massive reports from players.


Instantly got targeted by one of their high leveled members due to my reply on this thread.
This is so F***kd.


Please punish these bug abusers and bullies


im not good at english but i can explain

  1. idk macro run auto is wrong or what becuz in game have a autorun key button

  2. about 47 reporter guild name becuz some aussie report Noctis first about racist word but DanMurphy start war and called him yellow monkey first and Noctis fightback then get Banned
    after 24hrs ban he comeback and change guild name like this but we never ever spam report to anyone becuz look at our guild level 50-60 many people we dont need to spam report for win a war

  3. about Boarshelm bug look at your pic it not 47Gama guild or Noctis are you blind ? i think amazon should fix this bug or ban who macro there but we are not MACRO there we are play like 20 hrs perday for leveling and do boardquest level at Boarshelm is so useless



Thank you for your response.

1.) Yes autorun is built into the game but the fact he built a macro that makes it so he autoruns, rolls, pulls out his weapons, and then removes it is the problem. This gives him the ability to exploit PVP and run away from players. It also shows that macroing is okay to use and Amazon, which it is not.

2.) This is not about winning wars, this is about exploiting bugs and content that users and company members know of and still utilize even though they know it is wrong.

3.) You are correct, it is not 47Gamu members, I will retract my statement but never less. You can see only Marauder faction members abusing this exploit. I still blame 47Gamu and NoctisAK47 and the influence he holds over the Marauder faction with his twitch following utilizing exploits and macros.


The reason this report was made is due to the player pressing shift whilst autorunning and appearing to be AFK. This proves the use of macros which is against the terms of conduct / game rules. The use of macros is considered as cheating as they can be used to gain an upper hand in pvp combat or while doing pve missions &/or abuse of game mechanics.


Yep. Please ban these guys. I’ve seen a lot of people exploiting it, and specifically 47GAMU (now 47Reporters) members. I can provide evidence if needed for them exploiting the boar farming level exploit. The botting for auto dashing is also seen above in the clip. It’s ruined the server for everyone else, and may I mention they got their first fort hours after launch by repeatedly making new characters and transferring the 1k gold each time to someone, pooling 100k to buy it. Every single time they are using exploits for something else, please get rid of them. Also, you can clearly see in the above reply some of them are even resorting to messaging people ingame as form of intimidation because they commented on this thread.


I have seen 47GAMU members exploiting the boar farming bug, and have evidence to prove it (including their leader doing it)


Please post the proof if you have it.

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This is them at the Boar Farming place exploiting the spawn times. I actually went there today to check it out and saw 2 47GAMU members botting/macroing it with their abilities. One was named takahakashi (or something along those lines). I should’ve recorded but forgot to. I’m sure you can find more if you go through his vods.

Either way they deserve to be banned, if not all at least some of them including the leader. That’s 1 if not 2x proof of him/his guild blatantly cheating, and ruining it for everyone else.


Can you prove & find more evidence; Takahashi or something use macro or not.