[Exploit] Mass Reporting In-Game NEEDS FIX ASAP

This exploit has been around since the start and it’s one of the most meta exploits this game has. I was banned so I couldn’t post this sooner since AGS doesn’t like banned people complaining on the forums anymore.
But this exploit…It is killing off player population by the hundreds if not thousands believe it or not because unfair mass reporting, and insta-bans are so common, and AGS does not have a proper system in place to spare players who fall victim to it. People keep bumping just to post 500 more Great Axe and Bug complaints. It’s to the point where I am refusing to play this game again until there is a patch fix on this issue. Hundreds if not Thousands of players are dropping like flies and I have 0 doubt in my mind that a lot of it has to do with how ez it is to get banned in this game. Some of the threads that even bring this issue up are met with ignorant minorities who like to taunt posters saying that every person who gets banned in this game “deserves it”. Even if the person said they were banned for unknowingly buying duped items from the TP (Remember that issue that got dozens if not hundreds of players unrightfully perma-banned and a couple had to make threads documenting their steps and responses to the issues? Remember people complaining that they were logging in only to be missing items they spent gold on for no reason, only to be told through forums that it was likely dupe items deleted from their account and no gold refunded? Remember when earlier on people were getting banned or made to change their name for trying to name themselves Jeff Bezos or variations of it spelled incorrectly? E.T.C)

If you people take some time, throw on a nice playlist and browse steam reviews, reddit support, even these forums. There are at least hundreds of complaints of people getting unrightfully banned due to mass reports. The most common culprits from what I’ve witnessed personally wayyy too many times, and what people keep bringing up are:

A) Companies and Factions involved with OPR/WAR/INFLUENCE, they will participate in PVP trash talk or initiate it themselves and start mass reporting people who talk back. I have seen in my faction chat and global people telling their own to report opposing faction members during PVP spat.

B) People who over-use the word “toxic” and spam the report button at anything that isn’t family-friendly in a multiplayer, pvp game. They take it upon themselves to moderate and mediate every conversation that has nothing to do with them and from my experience, some of these fools don’t even know what sarcasm is. They should 100% not be allowed to abuse the report button.
Banned for using bad words when there is a filter


  • People getting mass reported because members of the server thought they said something they did not and accidentally reported the wrong person.

  • Various of complaints on name-related banning. That could easily be fixed by putting a filter. My PG name was banned because of an adjective in it that some mass-reporting weirdos deemed unoffensive on day 1 of server merges. (Refer to people mentioned at B)

  • Falsely being flagged as a bot while fishing or harvesting

  • Falsely banned for cheating after creating a character (Only seen one complaint of this so far)

Possible Solutions and reworks:

  • Make family-friendly servers for people who are obsessed with calling everything toxic, forget there’s a profanity filter, or simply people who want to stream and youtube without risking their channel being penalized for the actions of others.
  • Add censorship to the character name screen so people do not get false ideas on what language is ok to use in chat. I’ve seen someone come into my server with the N word as their name. The FULL word as their name and somehow they were able to get through and use the word in chat.
  • Only certain words and phrases should get banned. This is an MMO and PVP game. There will be banter whether people like it or not. Therefore there should be a constantly active profanity filter for SLURS. Using those words should result in an instant kick from the game. Players who don’t like other stuff need to use the Block/Mute feature instead of being allowed to act like players at letter B.
  • Players who are reported and found making multiple accounts/characters to harass someone who has blocked/muted them should be kicked. They add no value to the game and are just being creepy.

And I will leave this here ofc.


It would be nice if this became an acknowledged “known issue” because honestly, everyone in nw with at least 200hrs should know at this point that it is, and everyone who reads tickets knows that it is.

And I would like to go back to my account, but I do not want to end up unrightfully perma-banned because players can just mass report for luls or if they get mad at something as small as getting told to shut up.

It’s so common this joke is not even really a joke but a reality.

I’m not joking, even if I want to play this game I cannot because I never know when some angry random in a big company will get mad at me so much as farming hemp in the same area, playfully bantering with someone in chat, having a name that is PG but they deem it inappropriate, then start a mass report on me and I have enough dumb bans on my account already that at any point I may get a perma ban.

Day 4 or 5 of asking for a report rework

In case people thought I was playing when I said I’ve seen people say “Lol see you in 24 hrs”

Just know that the more you get banned, the more time they tack on. I am literally afraid that if I play this game I will end up perma banned for no reason and AGS will ignore all my appeals. I’ve provided ideas for solutions in my original post at the bottom.

Make it so players have to rely more on Block and Mute than spam reports. Right now it is the opposite, people would rather use report than Block and Mute

Automatic processes are easy to disable, I dont understand why they dont

They say it’s not automatic but I think some of it is… I could be wrong but people have been banned for some of the weirdest reasons too. Like they’ll get kicked out the game for botting just for farming certain nodes or maybe it’s random players report exploiting to keep the nodes to themselves, idk but…
Some of the ban complaints I’ve seen just come off like there may also be an automatic banning system OR like there is AI that reports players itself if it thinks it detects fishy activity. But like I said, Idk if that’s really a thing, it’s just some of the bans are for weird reasons.

Also, just cause this thread is related to exploits I must add @Luxendra @TrevzorFTW and kindly ask that they review the thread and please get help or update me if there has been any changes so far because I really don’t want to play the game in this state. Doesn’t matter if I call someone a chicken poop or use a VG/LS in OPR without ever saying a word. I get mass reported again idk how long my ban will be.

AGS has known that is commonly used since “Update on Current Issues #1

Moderation can and has been weaponized as a warfare tactic. The pattern of behavior is that two rival groups will have confrontations in chat prior to a war or big fight. These groups try to goad one another into Code of Conduct violations and then eagerly report one another when violations occur

[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #1 - Developer Corner - New World Forums

It is clear that no matter what AGS says about mass reporting being moderated, it is clear that getting people banned through mass reporting works quickly and reliably enough to be “weaponized” as a “warfare tactic”.

Seriously, just completely delete PvP already.
So-called PvP players have repeatedly shown that they will use every possible exploit to AVOID actual PvP fighting. They are not here to PvP. They are here to exploit and cheat whenever they possibly can to win. All the PvP posturing like “git gud” is hypocrisy.

@Lane @Zin_Ramu

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Thanks for mentioning the thread. At least they did mention that mistakes can be made and they are training people because some of the reasons for people being banned for “Abusive chat/behavior” are questionable. I just really wish that getting unbanned was as easy as getting banned. Just cause players use bad words doesn’t mean they deserve a ban.

We have a profanity filter, we have block and mute buttons. Those should be encouraged as a first resort because it really does make a big difference just to ignore people you don’t want to deal with. It’s just this game enables petty hypocrites and white knight gatekeepers of “peace” in a team-based pvp game to “weaponize” reporting as the CMs have put it.

It would probably be in AGS best interest to make a server where there is 0 tolerance for that stuff. A place where content creators and people who are as peaceful as the FF14 community can go and do their pve/pvp stuff without feeling overwhelmed by a certain demographic of players. And for content creators that would mean that they can also have the chat showing on the side and not have to worry about people saying things that can get their content flagged for removal.

There’s no need to delete PVP though, If there’s exploits it’s just up to the devs to get those patched when they can. But at the very least they can tell people that they see it and they will do something about it as they keep doing and then at least we know that we can wait on it instead of feeling like we need to keep voicing out frustration for said issues.

@Luxendra @TrevzorFTW @Shadow_Fox
Is there any development on changes to this “abusive behavior/abusive chat” spam?
Every day I’ve been on my server, there are still people who solicit spamming these buttons on people even in the global chat for no good reason. It’s disheartening.

Why do I constantly see mods responding a lot to people complaining about the same PVP, bug and quest content. But not enough responding to threads like these? Is AGS going to roll out a patch any time soon to stop this crud?

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