[Exploit] Permanent Damage & Defens Buff with Great Axe

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@Kay @Luxendra @NW_Mugsy check this asap please.

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I hope they are aware of this exploit

Surfacing this one, thank you.

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You should check all skills/perks that activate by enemys in proximity or skills&perks that don’t have a visible timer/countdown.

All of those skill are bugged and can be activated permanently. Mostly by killing enemys, that triggered this effect, with skills.

Seriously. It’s just an endless stream of combat bugs, and most of them could be eliminated by a hard look at the skills and passives for weapons. I know the dupes were bigger priorities, but jeez, all of the combat bugs and exploits with them are really starting to grind us down. We need a break Amazon.


Update: we should have a fix coming for this soon.


This is happening with the bloodlust perk as well. I think it happens after you attack a few enemies and the 30% speed boost stick indefinitely until you switch weapons. I even died/logged out and still had the buff

How it is possible that since the last Wednesday theres Hatchets,Great Axe,Life Staffs,Fire Staffs exploits.Friendslist not working for people that transfered to another server ( since day 1 of transfers ) , Resilient bugged,gems bugged,so many and many bugs and exploits going on and, we need to wait more than 1 week for everything to get possibily fixed and on top of that dealing with more breaking bugs ? I wish u all best of luck and i’m sure some people are trying their best but its just not enought,game will legit die slowly

then fix hatchet too while you are at it .

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The root cause is the same.

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I think the game has shown many times that similar seeming bugs can have wildly different reasons (see dupe bug part 4)

Yes please fix hatchet bugged

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Hi, any time window on the weapon fixes etc.? Think people rly need this to happen fast. And maby you guys should consider to add a “maximum” allowed of the same weapon type in the same war / outpost rush etc.

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@Luxendra Have them check with all weapon perks, Hammer has some let’s say exploitive broken perks to it now as well. Your last update broke alot of stuff buddy.

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