[EXPLOIT] speed hack (great axe skipping animation)

Hello! Funded this cheater an server Antares. Nickname “Tozzette” with too fast traveling.

This is video with his farming (youtube cut quality because of no subs)

this is original video u can download by button below video for better quality (for best quality u must download video. it will be better than online video)

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Watched the video. Looked more like he just lags and his char is jumping from the latest to the newest ping point. Thats why it looks like he is faster.

No Cheat.

u can think what u want. i saw it by by eyes and people at stream too. btw its attached at report to support too and they will check by logs

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Hes not even lagging just straight up dashing, probably had to do with the great axe charge exploit

great axe (charge) → double roll → rapier (fleche)–> roll.

Its exploit

it’s just this.
no cheat/speed hack or so

when Im running pvp mission
I dodge roll 3x + berserk
super fast

You clearly can see multiple Charge animation on video.

Look bug again … BUG that removes skill cooldown - New World - YouTube i posted it like 1 week ago no gm contacted me to ask me anything … and i dont see the bug being fixed… BUG that removes skill cooldown - New World - YouTube

Not very useful, and it goes into cooldown when u hit a mob with feral rush

That definitely looks like an axe exploit.

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