Exploit your way to victory

Players in one very specific guild is teaching each others how to exploits the game and every dungeons ruining the experience of other players. They are going in Lazarus dungeon and glitching under the map because they couldn’t finish the boss. This is the state of New world gameplay. It catters towards exploiters and glitchers.

That guild has already been known for cheating. They have been banned already but they keep exploiting every mechanics they can . Amazon is not doing anything about it. They let them in the game and close their eyes. This is a unfinished game that let exploiters do everything they want.

All Lag Detected on Valgrind abuse the game in their favors and run exploits every time they can.



In many ways, Amazon Games cannot do anything about it.
Their game engine and fundamental coding is completely broken, and might not be fixable…

Client-Side Authentication:


they can do something its called banning…


Watch the video… because the game is client-side authenticated, it is not possible for many exploits to even be detected.


doesn’t need to be detected when theirs clear evidence

lmao i had no idea it was this broken. At this rate the game is bound to die in next few weeks. Who want to pvp with that kind of OP mechanics. What else can you change if you know a little coding. Just check Battlefield 5 it is filled with cheaters every EA game is filled with cheaters. Amazon is the new EA. Just want your money don’t care about anything else. Gold sellers lmao they run rampant on every servers. Ban 1 and 10 more pop up.


The leader of this individual company has also been coordinating with green and purple to destroy his own faction. The amount of collusion, toxicity, exploiting, and general unfair play coming from them is completely absurd, and AGS should really step in an do something about it. Any GM that looks at his private message logs will easily see the steps he’s taken to attempt to ruin the server. Very sad to see, and even sadder to play with.


Sure, that is fine for this specific case. But when exploits are not detectable they have to be witnessed, recorded, reported on, and finally investigated.

Amazon Games does not have the manpower to handle anything of that magnitude.

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Sorry but what was the purpose of adding your pictures to the post? I have no clue what to look for in those. If its just your chat then Idk man but people just talking is not proving anything.
We know they are glitches and exploits in this game a shit ton. Just wanna understand what you are talking about cause I dont get it what they are doing.

At this very minute or even already someone has wire shark captured the data and reverse engineered what is transferred. It’s a small step to manipulate that data to be what you want.

I saw another video showed the data in memory is actually clear text. This is how bots know what fish they have before they even land it.


What do you mean there is clear evidence ? What if the poor cheater … I mean the poor guy who is unknowingly exploiting an invulnerability bug is only doing so because he is having computer issues ? We will never know because this game is primarily client side based.

picture 2 they are under the map… Zoom in. This is LAzarus dungeon they bypassed 1 of the boss to go loot the chest by using fire staff dash animation. You can see him from where he was to where he is and admitting he just skipped the boss. They did that during whole dungeons and went to every closed rooms.

If u don’t know how dungeons works i have no idea how clearer i can explain you this. They are literally walking around under the map and popping in another room…

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Impressive. I have never seen a man talk on youtube so confidently about a topic he obviously does not understand one bit.

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Well Nr.1 they are obviously naive when they go dungeon with randos and do that exploit.
Nr.2 Drop in Dungeons is still just watermark dependend. So if theirs still at 510 they will get just crappy 510 items and most stuff you get are bound to you anyway, so they cant sell it.
Yeah I get it, they should get banned and amazon needs to fix such things asap.
But from all the exploits I know exist, this one I consider a minor one compared to what really hurtful things people can already do in the game. Assuming them glitching out of the map is just a bug they can abuse in that specific lazarus dungeon.

It feels to me that they can’t. I can’t think of any other explanation. People are abusing unacceptable bugs and glitches that breaks the economy and balance since day 1.

Maybe it’s a fatal failure in the design of the game engine that can’t be fixed without tons of rework.

These people single handedly are going to make Valgrind a dead server

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I will give you a hint: Team size

That’s exactly what it is. Watch the video posted above…

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#1 our Orb owner got disconnected so this lead to 2 more of those “randos” getting in the group. Because ppl got frustrated and couldl not reinvite the orb owner. So no it wasnt randos they were just toxic jerk and wouldnt leave saw an opportunity for a dungeon and took it.

#2 watermark or not they still getting gear and no it is not all bound. They exploit their way in and don’t care about other players. No fuck given.

Overall the game is not ready for release. It is flawed in every ways. Just look at gold sellers not even getting punished and still running rampant. They don’t ban ip they ban characters. But gold sellers just keep remaking new characters after every hours. Game is filled with bots fishing. At this point game is marked as the new EA greed. Give them more money and lose against exploiters that arent dealt with.

Well jokes on them, chests are bugged anyway and give only 500 gs items.