Exploit your way to victory

I agree that AGS is another company tied to Amazon group or something like that, so they can’t just cash out money from Infinity Vault. But it’s just too much, there are so many bugs and glitches been exploited that legendary itens are becoming common.

I mean no offense, but people on this forum could not code for their life or find a single bug. The thing is, you only can have so many people that really tinker with the code of such a huge software like this. It sounds weird, but that is the reason why Windows or other behemoths still have bugs. If you would give AGS 100 more programmers they would barely be faster then now.

LOL. You have NO idea. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Non taken and i appreciate your opinion. But how many online games, from companies with wales like Amazon backing them you heard that had or has games with immortality, dupe, attack speed, insta respawn of rare materials and some others crazy bugs at the same time?

To me that kind of bug are just not acceptable, they are game breaking.

Don’t take me wrong, i love NW and i can’t wait to see those bugs fixed so i can start from scratch in a new server with transfer restrictions and forced PvP.

I think they created a problem factory by trying to get this 50 people war with hitboxes going.
This should be impossible with the typical server side structure of other MMOs.

I guess they have something very new going on under the hood based of what I have seen so far. And I guess they struggle at the moment to find new solutions to problems that nobody can help them with.

Glad to hear! But I am very sure transfer tokens are here to stay. So, you will not be forced to start new. Also exploiting companies will not last forever, people that thrive on shortcuts tire quickly.

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Let’s pray to that brother!

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Also exploiting companies will not last forever, people that thrive on shortcuts tire quickly.

That is just wishful thinking. How many legitimate players going to quit before they get tired. Exploiters and cheaters don’t get tired they take a break then come back find new exploits and keep on going even harder.

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I think personal reputation is vastly underestimated on these tiny virtual servers.

What are u even saying? Ppl don’t give a fuck about reputation as long they bring results. Winning territories and carrying the team with 50 kills is the only thing that matters in the end. That is real reputation. Not what he says she says.

Players that can maintain the edge by exploiting and telling their team mates how to do it. should be the ban priority. Nothing else matter.

People really need to watch that video. The problems, the reasons why new World has such game-breaking Bugs was much deeper than we thought. There’s even a reason why it’s hard to ban exploiters…

And here we are, expecting such incompetent developers that probably never made an mmo or even played one, to take responsibility and fix the game.

On second thought, if you want to continue enjoying the game, blissfully ignorant of its fundamental problems that makes it so exploiters will ONLY increase henceforth, don’t watch the video. My Guild watched it and ~80% of us are already looking for a new game.

We could endure the bugs, but not such codding flaw. That’s too much. Most of us lost hope. I still have the hope they can remake the engine or something in a year or two. I’ll try to keep playing but I am greatly demoralized. I almost cried :frowning:

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You should see Crowder for more of this

@Ryuu is just upset that he was kicked from the company for being a complete POS. So not really fair to take the POV of someone like that who has no idea what they are talking about.

They made it to that part even if it is closed.

I am saying that all the people you cheat will walk past you at the gates of Myrkgard. If an entire faction knows you for the wrong reason, you lose about a third of potential group members. It is fun to watch how players slowly realize that.

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