Exploiting a game for Xp / Resources / Money must be met with resets and bans

I have recently seen a lot of discussion towards some of the buggy / outright exploiting ways people are farming Xp / Resources and Money and how a LOT of players are defending them for it.

Here’s what I think most Normal players that are playing and leveling without some buggy 6 people Bear cave exploiting thinks:

Bug abusers and Exploiters should have their characters Reset and Punished. It’s unfair both in PVP aspect and in Pve aspect.
And I don’t mean those people who simply stumbled upon it for a few minutes and then left, I mean those who even created Macros to Afk farm it for hours.


Will never happen. AGS doesn’t seem to care as much as folks think. There are a lot of bugs and exploits in the game that have been there since early alpha. These were reported in every single testing phase. Kinda frustrating when it comes to launch and these same exact issues are in the game. Guess it was more important to implement influence mechanics that completely nullify and void all the time and effort spent on making other influence mechanics. But hey that one guy can be proud he was able to throw a territory into conflict by turning in 1 quest.

It cannot be done, the line between what players are allowed to do and what you consider abuse/exploits is way too blurry.

Like the respawn timer: in this game there is pretty much everything from 5min to 1 sec. You can’t blame players that notice a mob respawning after 1sec and start chain killing them. Many gamer play in the most optimal way and they will flock to those fast respawn point, especially with all the youtube guides giving those locations away.

They haven’t done anything to try to circumvent the actual rules of the game, those respawn timers ARE part of the game mechanics. Are they bad mechanics for the health of the game ? Yes, probably. But that burden is on AGS: they have to patch those away if they find the timer inappropriate.

Creating macros is a whole other thing, since you are using them to circumvent the intentional rules of the game (and probably are forbidden somewhere in the general conditions of thegame)


I’m guessing you never played an old school MMO? Grinding spots for hours, was how you pretty much leveled in all those games. I think it’s great that people have the option to level up like that. I’ve been to all the camps, I’ve never seen one person in the spot for hours, they are mostly trying to skill up weapons and it’s a good spot to spam hit things for a tiny bit of weapon xp., get your weapons to 10, after that, its kind of meh.
You still have to do quest to progress in the game. Anyone that wanted to just farm xp could go to much better camps with groups of like minded people and farm 4-5 times the amount of xp in an hour.

Macros are allowed as long as they do no provide an unfair advantage, which I guess is up to Amazon to define. E.g. you can macro your mouse to be able to do basic inputs, so you can famr with 1 hand. (1 button is autorun, 1 is interact, maybe 1 for potion/food buff)

Apparently (read it on reddit) they are banning people exploiting that elite farm, where you can just respawn it by going out of sight. So thats a good start.

The bear/boar spots are somewhat different imo, those should also be fixed ASAP (wonder why those exploits still exist tbh), but as they dont require you to do anything they are not real exploits imo. You cant be held responsible for the respawn rates that the developers chose.

I wonder why this even happened, like did no one thought about people lvling skinning to 200 in an hour when they chose to implement instant respawns?

Regardless, I sincerely hope those things will get fixed with the next patch in the coming week, as they are giving a really unfair advantage to people (Especially the elite farm thing) and somehow crush the market (Like thick hide is worth nothing).
Even with 3-4 days temporary bans for the elite exploit usage, this was probably still worth it for the people who did it.

Agreed, although I don’t see the efficiency of the boar spot (grinding XP only to level up questionably quickly - I was quicker than people who kept advertising groups to find that spot by just playing normally and had skinning at 200 before even hitting that zone, but yeah, I guess it can be exploited).

It’d also be nice for spawn rates to be fixed regardless of whether they’re being exploited or not. Ever got a solo quest where you had to pick up something behind an elite mob, or a group of tough mobs, perhaps an elite guarded by other two, and they’d respawn before you could finish interacting with the object? Because I had, on many occasions, and the “fix” was asking for help, waiting for someone else to come by, or overlevel the quest and obliterate the mobs very quickly. Like in two hits or so.

What ever they do they need to fix it quicker they’re just making a joke out their own game. They can’t very well ban players for stupid ideas and coding.

IIUC respawn timers are reduced depending on how many players are in the area. Someone just screwed up the formula so it can reduce to basically zero.

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