Exploiting and griefing

We are on a server that, because of the duplicating bug, green has completely taken over because they all have end game gear that those of us who did not cheat don’t have. And now, since green owns ALL but two territories (and the two that they don’t own are Covenant allied to green), the green companies have all decided they are going to leave the server that they ruined. But before they leave, they are milking all the towns they hold for as much gold as they can, while deliberately not paying the town upkeep so that the crafting tables all get downgraded… this completely blocks purple from making progress so even if we get to take some territory before merges, there will be no time for us to upgrade tables so we can craft gear to compete after merges.

This behavior, from the exploiting which people didn’t seem to be punished for doing, to the now deliberate hamstringing of the server even though they are going to leave it, is just further driving people away from this game.

And TBH the way green is acting, by using the server as a cash cow and then planning to leave it and take TONS of gold to another server so they can just do this crap again, is pretty toxic and disgusting. I feel TRULY sorry for whatever server they chose to target next.

In the meantime those of us left stranded on the crippled server that they just ROYALLY messed up can’t progress in the game.

There is no way for me to attach the screenshot of the message I got from someone in thew green faction confirming all of this (though we have been seeing the tables dropping for no apparent reason so we already knew) with a list of their names. I am happy to send it later though.

The server is Tumtum and the companies that are involved are Mujahadin, Muj Too, Tumpter Babies, Pre Tum and 2nd Tumming. Mujahadin is absorbing all of those companies, taking gold from Tumtum through the above tactics, and bringing that entire group (about 300-350 players to another server to do the same thing.

Please look into this. This is game breaking behavior and no one is going to want to play when there are groups like this deliberately using and destroying servers and then moving to new ones like locusts.



So apparently the guys in these groups who duplicated gold and voidbent armor/crafting materials to get ahead were banned for ONLY two weeks. WHY ON EARTH were the players that cheated not PERMANENTLY banned??? And why on earth did they get to KEEP what they cheated to get???

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because nobody cares. I have screenshots of the leaders of the biggest companies across all 3 factions talking in global manipulating wars so they trade spots, bullying any company they don’t approve of declaring war, and made several web tickets and the only response is to report them in game. i had gathered pictures over 4 days of all the leaders involved and they are still playing lol


SMDH… This game won’t last 6 months if AGS is gonna continue to allow this stuff to happen. There are other games out there. I can’t recommend a game that allows this kind of thing to anyone I game with… and they are hemorrhaging players every day now.


Gear doesn’t win you wars and territory. It helps, slightly, but what really matters is teamwork, a leader, and good coms. That is what wins you wars.
We’ve basically taken over our server. We have 1 guy with void bent, that is a pure tank. When we work on influence, it’s only 5 of us that will do runs for 2-3 hours. Sometimes a few more will come for a little while. People normally don’t try to stop us. When we go to war, we make sure we have the right classes, people in the right positions, and we can usually muscle or way to a win with coordination.
People are always telling us how we are “ruining the server” taking over all the land. No we are just playing the game is was meant to be. We were the weakest faction, and lost lots of wars, but we kept at it, and built a strat to win. Some of those wins were down to the last few seconds.
We are still largely outnumbered, by 1 faction, and I do give them credit for continually trying to defeat us. We used to stomp them into the ground, but now they are learning as well, and the fights are starting to be a lot closer. I also give them credit for sticking around. The 3rd faction strait up jumped ship and ran to another server.
Basically at this point if people were not attempting to go to war with us, we would leave the server as well and look for a place where we could start at the bottom again, and try to take over.

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Aaron… it’s not about them taking over the server. It’s about the fact that now that they have total control of the server, they are deliberately refusing to pay the town upkeep and allowing the crafting tables and upgrades to degrade while milking the server for gold that they are going to take to another server. The deliberate hamstringing of the server is the issue here, since those who are left on the server and can not leave will be stuck on a server that has reverted down to where we can’t craft the higher level gear in order to compete.

And to be clear… we HAVE NOT stopped trying. But because they dupped gold and voidbent we are at a disadvanatge… but that still has not sopped us from trying.

Our issue is not that they took over the server… our issue is with them deliberately hamstringing it while milking it for gold before they leave it.


It helps slightly… LOL…
Ok, It helps a lot. You end up with even LAZY people who didn’t put the work in in 600GS with Resilience. If you don’t understand how powerful that is, you didnt play enough thought the beta’s or PvP before Faction Gear. The Average person that PvP’s is in about 550GS or 520 Faction Gear. Viodbent gives you a massive stat advantage and a considerable damage reduction over 520 GS. It’s like giving you 20% advantage… Those people should be banned, and anyone who traded high value items, permanently.


Are you sure they are doing it on purpose just to milk money? I mean between all our territories, the upkeep was high. We do not generate enough money to pay that, given the current low population. So even we started to down grade some towns, based on what they generated.

Permabans for this species of item duping is AGS’s announced policy. And supposedly, AGS had updated their Easy AntiCheat tool specifically to detect THIS set of dupes.

If this is indeed what has happened within your server on this large a scale, it behooves AGS to take action or risk (further?) destruction of their game’s reputation.


Again, that stat advantage isn’t a huge deal when you have a team that works together better.

You’re INSANE. 25 more INT for me is several Hundred more dmg per ability… That’s DEFINITLY an huge advantage, plus I take several hundred LESS damage… It’s like 5 levels worth of STATS. You’re giving cheaters what essentially is a 5 level advantage.

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Yes we are sure… the twons in question are the ones that make the most money… WW, EF, BW
There is no way in those towns they are not making enough to pay the town upkeep…

Plus despite the fact that things CAN be upgraded on those towns the town boards are completely empty… they are not upgrading anything…

I just came here to say this post is prolly bs since op cant even spell the title right.

First off, what does a typo have to do with the validity of the assertions?? I am sure you have NEVER made a typo right?? You only show how stupid you are by such a comment.

And secondly, YOU don’t have to believe it… I don’t give a flying fig if you do. And investigation BY AGS will confirm it. So you are free to go crawl back under whatever rock you came from since I have no time for trolls like you.

Stay small child I am living rent free in that hollow head of yours ty for the reply or someone who doesn’t care lol.

There are many threads about armor not working in PVP by value, but by tier instead.
So more damage mititagion = nay.
Also, Voidbent are wasting a valuable perk for “luck”.
Would you
prefer a cooldown of 30s for your 100 damage on a 3k hit or would you instead
prefer a cooldown of 22.5s for the same skill just 100 damage weaker?

Faction armor wins in my opinion, more skill spam is stronger over a slight increase of damage per hit. Because who can spam more can control and heal better.

Voidbent as an advantage is just an excuse for players who dont want to admit they just lose because of the others being better.

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Morning all. Recently I seem pulled to hot threads like a moth. Such is life.

As always I want to start where I can agree:

With the respondents:

  • The devs have intended a game where close teamwork / communication beats gear. The PVR changes signal this intent.

  • The remnants of the territorial control and faction mindset encourages collectivism / teamwork with some outcomes such we’ve seen.

With the OP:

  • If the assertions of the original poster are correct (unknown), then behavior to fleece a server in prep for xfer to another server (breaking a closed economy) is indeed not helpful to the game and not intended behavior by the devs.

My own thoughts:

  • AGS wants a game with territorial control and faction PvP elements to create emergent content and more exciting gameplay. The question is for whom, at the expense of whom? And what’s the controls to ensure that outcome for many?

  • Where they’ve gone astray in my opinion is that they failed to create design systems for a lasting equilibrium of 3 factions on any server (the influence bias for declaring war is a sad joke).

  • Games with strong territorial control aspects…those with meaningful rewards to the current winner which lack equilibrium forces to create what appears to be a ‘fair’/‘reasonable’ game to the average player cannot succeed in targeting a mass market as AGS intends to do. Is it ‘fair’ in that other players could do put 60+ hours a week? Sure. Is it reasonable? No, not from the financial perspective of AGS when understanding that casual players outnumber hard-core by likely at least 10:1

  • What would fix this? Matchmaking at a Company level that forced companies and unaligned players into servers with similar playtime per week, income/level generation, win/loss records at Wars/etc. But that’s not the New World we live in today, and the analogy of likening hard-core companies to locusts overrunning servers and taking their spoils to the next server is spot on. If it’s not happening yet, it will because AGS has allowed it (and the xfer limitation won’t really stop it). From a business perspective, this is an epic design fail to create a durable system that can cater to many.

Rust/etc. are fine titles. None of them put in a fraction of $500m a year into development of a gaming studio brand. I suspect (at least for now) the brand they are building is not the one AGS wanted. MOBAs are far more popular nowadays for PvP than systems like NW. The reason that they cater to hard-core and casuals is that the stakes are smaller and the best ones have matchmaking based upon metrics of skill/level/etc.


This IS the game.

I tried and failed to get a refund. 3 hours is apparently too long even though 2 were spent in queue.

So guess what? I have no interest in this pitiful excuse of a game. To get “my moneys worth” I plan to log in to troll and grief.

They are going to wish they gave me my money back.

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Yes, further. Most press for this game is about mass reports or item and gold duping. It’s not a great look.