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Hello AGS,

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You stated that the Overwolf API may only show:

  • Only show node placement if they’ve unlocked that node via tradeskills, provided it is within the range that compass would display them.
  • Only show AI that you’ve unlocked via tradeskills as compass and within range of compass.

The tool already does more than this. It shows a player generated map (newworld-map) overlayed in a minimap with customizable options. So anyone who has used Overwolf for a hot second, already knows it’s violating these two statements. It doesn’t show their “real-time” location but a general minimap location, but overall these statements are vague. The only reassuring thing is that you will give warning before you ban. I tried to not use it, but now that my server is low-pop, it was annoying having to constantly use a newworld-map and now using it, has made gathering more enjoyable, because half the time the compass doesn’t pick up nearby fresh spawns. In honesty, I would reconsider defining these statements so that it’s clearer to players and those working on the mod, what is not allowed.

Exploits & Spawns
You stated

I want to explore this a bit, as there are some concerning aspects of this statement in line with the current “time grind” of the game. I want to be fully transparent that by 200+ hours into a game, I’m typically min-maxed in any MMO currently available. This is the first game I’ve gone past 300+ and still have a significant grind which is GOOD and BAD.

I want to outline the bad parts, to illustrate how making a statement like this in the current “efficient” grinding that is in the game. By this statement alone, you are saying any players who have found out sequences for fairly fast spawns are exploiting, which I disagree in a way with. There are quite a few mobs, that take 2-5 minutes to get that sequence done in order to spawn them, this is done because of the limits currently on majority of content, making boss farming the most effective when your Elite Chests are on CD. My company and I do 2x chest runs a day, I lead the earlier day one and can’t really participate in the late night one. This means that outside of these chest runs, my grind for HWM slows because: 1) Expeditions are not worth it yet till I’m HWM 590+ and 2) Enemy drops are so low.

I get that your trying to do a Diablo-esque Magic Find/Gear grind, but that only works if regular mobs drop stuff regularly. So in short your punishing players still trying to grind bosses while their chests are on CD, which I don’t find an exploit given the current state of the HWM grind.

Purposed Changes:

  • Change Chest Cooldowns to either every 12 hours or Midnight Region time for the Server/Cluster.
  • For respawn manipulation, players should be warned first, before banned. Yes they may ore may not know they are exploiting, because some of these triggers seem very intentional.
  • Group HWM for weapons by type, primary stat scale, or anything really. HWM becomes very frustrating the higher you get, because very few options drop jewerly and Weapons become heavily dispraportionate compared to Armor. My hatchet is 540, hammer and greataxe is only 560, while my Musket and Lifestaff are 580+, yet I’m a GA/WH player. - Someone already did the math on how ridiculous the weapon grind is for HWM, let alone getting a “god roll” drop.

Overall, with exploiting spawns, I hope AGS addresses their HWM system before banning players who are doing the only thing that is rewarding when chest CDs are down.

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Well using newworld-map alone having it open on 2nd screen or just swtiching windows between game and browser does not violate their statement in the slightest. In theory pulling that info into the minimap addon does not either because it’s not like overwolf in any way pulls nodes data from the game to feed it back on the minimap which would end up telling players that said node is active or not because compass (while working properly) gives you that info that node is active to be gathered by displaying node icon on itself while if there is no icon on the compass then you can assume that node was gathered and is on cooldown.

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That’s my thought process, but again their statement says otherwise. Not to mention it’s not a heavy API addon.

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