Exploits really make me not wanna play

Okay to be clear I’m aware there will always be new bugs and exploits that pop up but it seems new world its just one followed by another and so on. I trust that amazon are dishing out bans but i feel like there will always be players to gained massive GS boosts or Duped items.

I feel like my progress was good im 60 and starting my GS grind and working on my crafting skills etc. but im seeing mass amount of players in VOIDbent armour and running 600 GS stuff.

i mean i had people selling void ore for $1 in my server which is ridiculous!

I do think anyone who cheated should get a PERMA ban and if not atleast a GS reset.

anyone else fed up ?


No, no one. This is an entirely new idea and no one has made a few dozen similar posts.


I’ve been taking my time playing this game, only level 46, and I totally understand. If they were able to track every person who duped and perma ban them and the gold or items with them then that would be a good step in the right direction.

I feel like they will be able to get the majority but I do see some slipping by. I think the economy will lag behind a bit still but should fix itself slowly, new bugs not included after this patch lol.

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Agreed, ip ban, hardware ban any type of ban just to make sure they wont play again would be nice

Yep, it’s completely shot my interest in playing. I have no faith that AGS will make this right with their current approaches and messaging. My server just had a large exploiting company move onto it and win several wars and from what I can tell none of them were banned in the wave. They’re just trolling global chat and have frustrated many on our server to the point of quitting.

I solo grinded to 200 armoring and not only is it not all that useful, but now folks are just duping and cheating their way to 200 and 600GS stuff? Boy I feel like a fool, guess I had it coming.


I feel like you. On our guild we are 10+ people pvp forced player with playtime 400+. I got around 600 hours on me. But more than fishing i do not like in NW atm and many of us stopped playing today until they will fix the huge gamebreaking bugs and bugs at the gears which destroy a fair pvp contest.

Bruh like just stop whining. Its a nice game that just released. People were not meant to grind sooooooooooooooooooooo badly and abuse everything. Like take a chill pill

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I expressing my concerns about the state of the game and worried about the longevity of this effects of all these bugs and Dupes etc. Im free to express how i feel i did not ask for your snark comment it contributes nothing to the topic.

But to touch of your comment about people grinding be serious you really think people where not gonna grind this game ? i mean WOW players had be crying out for a new game to sink time into backed with the massive streamer input on launch people are invested heavily into the game.

Just make a decent argument next time

player numbers suggest nearly everyone is fed up

Its simple…no content at lvl60 so people will keep on searchin for exploits because…nothing else to do.

we got a couple people in the company (through SOCIALISM) that have VoidBent. Everyone just pools the resources. That being said: I have heard of companies using dupes to get some gear and that makes me sad but

Think of it this way; short term they might have the advantage but long term they will not. After we beta’ed the way through their “release” and they can finally drop more gear those sploitin kids will be nothing and then they will get trumped by actual good players.

Cups half full? or not big enough in my book

i get you mate the situation id ridicules every 5 minutes on my server you see Dupes spawning for cheap gold,items etc 5 bucks and so on, i’m lvl 53 now and my mining is at 166 armor forging is at 80 lvl i have to keep grinding aka mining forging etc for me to have disend gear for pvp pve and Dupes are running left right and center hording items and trolling people in to global chat .

I read each and every word of your statement. Keep doing what you’re doing and fuck the rest of that noise in global chat. You do you and keep having fun and getting that armor to 200;

p.s. Turnips are shaped like…?

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thanks mate i love the game so far minor the bugs/exploits it is a new game give it time.

then don’t play.
no, it’s not sarcasm, this game state is unstable, it will tax your mind more than you would expect.

It’s okay to take a break from the game, it’s normal.
unless you practically don’t care about the overall state, or just want to do some crafting challenge, then just… take a break, okay?

mate first of all i said i love the game second that i will keep playing it third right now it is like a crafting challenge forth if you are hear just to troll and rant then you should take a break

“no, it’s not sarcasm”

The sarcasm i get but my closing statement of “anyone else fed up”
was just a way of looking to see what others feel about the game right now! i dont read to much into threads here so excuse me for not reading every complaint thread.

i do love the game very much still even with its bugs etc

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