Extend Void Gauntlet Lunge

Come on guys… i swear every weapon can lunge more than the Void Gauntlet… even the great axe goes flying farther!!!

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Or… you use IG/orb to slow people and stop asking for buffs that aren’t needed.

are you okay vg has the biggest lunge in the game. lights are 4.5m and 6.5m on the heavy


then why do great axe alwasy get away?

it just about how the games feeling at the time.

VB in my company swaped to bruiser and said the GA doesn’t glide as well as VB


You have to be kidding. The VG heavy is a fleche attack abomination.

For a 1h melee weapon it has better lunge than most STR weps. And the heavy lunge across the screen needs to be gutted.

this guy dont what his talking and never played any other melee wep.
VG is single highest dps melee, fastest attack, and like 10m heavy attack lunge.
go play a sword and see how it feels.

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The sword is the only defensive weapon in this game lmao. Without the healing almost every melee weapon would out damage the blade.

You mean without oblivion? All of the empower and fortify from the abilities, scream included, and fast attack speed are what smash you. The healing doesnt even matter in 1v1 duels they kill you so fast as a melee player if you don’t put them on the ground their healing is irrelevent.

The healing lets them 1vx.

hvy attack when void blade activated is like teleporting on ppl lol what are u talking about ?


I am glad someone else said it.


Yeah sure with oblivion you are strong but most enemies are just walking out and you can’t really say that weapon is strong when he was staying on a oblivion. Other melees also fight on a mates oblivion.
I don’t think you are a good melee player if you would lose against a blade without blade effect in a 1vs1. Sure on a left click battle maybe because of the attack speed but you beat a blade with your 3 weapon effects.

Then you have light atacks completely broken, where only half register some damage, despite we wearing the hint noise.

Other melee cannot win vs VG blade if snared in Scream under this oblivion unless they incapacitate the VG user and typically run off the oblivion. I don’t know if you can actually win eith their fortify anf you weakened. You can put a dent in thrm but doubtful that you could kill them.

You typically trade to survive the encounter, imo its still not a winnable trade 1v1 if the VG user is built properly and that makes it imbalanced and poor design when a weapons design completely shuts down all other melee weapons. It should provide an advantage but not an unsurmountable one. Currently in a 1v1 scenario vs another melee its pretty close to being that.

I will use Wrecking Ball to put them on the ground then walk out once the root ends.

If my hammer abilities are on cc and I get snared by scream I’m in trouble.

The problem is that hammer is too slow and too easy to dodge with weapons like spear can easily defeat VB. Just need to hit combos right and run away from the blade to wait for the blade cooldown and its very easy. If you run brainless in a 1vs1 and just left click sure you wont beat a blade but even a good bruiser can beat a blade easy with tactic. The worst thing on the blade is that there is no attack abillity for it and that it runs on time and also its still super buggy. If you know this weakness its not that strong anymore.

And the heavy lunge across the screen needs to be gutted.

Id argue every melee heaby attack should have vg lunge, as its about the only one that can hit someone walking away from you.

I vote to extend VG lunge on heavy attacks!!

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