[Extended Downtime] New World Update 1.0.2

So it’s possible to extend the downtime for a specific region. Why isn’t it possible than to make the downtime in the morning where fewer people have to wait for the downtime…
extended downtime


True that

I guess thhey are rolling update at same time for all. Being in Europe hate it as much as you do as it happens at my playing hours. But I guess if they did it earlier then Aasians would complain most and later then it would be Americas :wink:

I get that, but I find it weird that they are able to extend it for a specific region.

They should just do it at different times…
i dont mind waiting 12 hours for some small bugfixes that i havent even seen
Just put the updates at night time :frowning:

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True that

What are you talking about? Just like go live, you would just stagger them. This is done in just about every MMO. It would be down at the same time of night in every region. 3am to 8am. Impacting the least amount of players.

bumb that thread, maybe they see it and do something, EU maintenance screwing up playerbase at peak hours (and possible extend of maintenance makes it even worse)

Change update time from 12:00AM CET to 03:00AM CET on EU, why we get to wait from 13:00PM to 17:00+ until the game came up? Is not fair for us, u done maintenance for other regions and not for EU, then change time if u can’t be on same time with others regions.

Hope so, but I have the feeling that they only look at Twitter post, I have never seen them answer on a form post.

advert for own post, kinda toxic

Its for EU and Americas. Bet those are the regions with most players so that might be why.

Yeah, but its an update not maintenance. so they do it globaly.

EU would be at full pop right now, its an awful time to do updates or stuff

This needs to be the timing for updates

Yes, it is an update but I have never seen a company taking so long to roll out an update across multiple servers. I think that they updated the servers one by one, that just seems weird. Why not push it to multiple servers at once, or run a cron job in the morning that will be done when people arrive at work. So when something goes wrong they can fix it. It would spare some time…

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Apparently You didnt play Elite Dangerous then. Updates sometimes take full day then servers are efed for week or longer xD. But yeah, I cant wait either. And have to go to work in 2h. Guess Ill look whats interesting on Amazon video that I only got so I can get free skins for New Worl every few weeks lol.

I am okay ! we go last when it should be the opposite because in the Us it is much earlier than with us and we lose half a day because of updates at home which take two to three hours more than the estimated time. . while in the US it’s 5h … On other similar games most are on time and very rarely postponed or ever …

This is not how it works. You just update what servers you want to the new version. They have made the choice to do it all at once. Which is why this does not happen in other games. And why some server were online before others.

Not sure you are right. They roll out game update on steam or whenever for everyone at same time, i dont think it makes sense or is even possible to do it locally. And you will not be able to play on old server.