Extended Maintenance

Why cant these maintenences are not happening between like 3 am-10 am so no one gets frustrated by these delays ? Its a known fact that they are never on time with these stuff so why they dont do these stuff at nights ??


The frustrating thing is, they are doing it at night. its 3am for them when they do it, we are all forced onto the NA timezone in these matters. Which is why I think regional-specific updates would be better.

Edit : changed “right now” to “when they do it” as its clearly not 3am right now.


Because 3am for you in 3pm for someone else. You do know there are people that live in other parts of the world right?

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Anyone know how long is it?

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because Europe and US West are maintained at the same time.
A little bit strange, because they could work at there daytime and maintaiin just the EU servers at night.

Do it for each region and they find for everyone the sweet spot (at night).

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According to the situation that we are in right now am seeing that they can do seperate maintenances so why dont they do it by regularly nights for all the regions ?

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If only there was a thread discussing this somewhere.

is there maybe a beta to test things like updates ??? im new to the internet, sad we cant do this in 2021 :confused:

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Hi. Only a few, hand picked, ones are able to testing the Beta of this game.

This is nothing new. In many games people in the EU get the “short stick”. We have more or at least even the amount of players compared to one of the US-coasts but we are never valued - mb because the companies know that an European is just not as angry as others…

Damn, you are right.
The US weapon laws make a big difference … and before they change them … we got them too.

I believe Amazon Games didn’t thought about stuff like that … there must be a reason why they do it that way (the maintenance, not the weapon laws).

Well, I never said anything about violence, you can be angry w/o being violent, especially w/o using a weapon.

Well beliefe in coincidence and do not se the next game that does it magically the same. I mean we also can just be happy to not playing and make meemes about the intern tripping over the server cable or something like that…

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