Extended problems due to Musket changes

So, while I understand that the animation/instant shot bug was a problem, the fix broke other issues with the Musket, specifically: the forced reload animation beginning immediately after shooting is now preventing weapon perks like… “Keen Speed” from working. After the shot connects; the haste is granted, however, the new forced reload begins ruining all of the haste buff due to the movement penalty while reloading. The weapon perk no longer working is greatly depressing and game-breaking.

The weapon talent “Tactical Reload” is no longer beneficial due to the forced/slow reload system. The ability to fire, run, dodge to reload was a great mechanic that gave this weapon a unique feel, now the dodge to reload feels pointless… ??? If this change is left in place why even bother having that weapon talent?

Biggest question is… Why can’t I choose when to reload like in other FPS games?

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