Extra Gemstone for SnS

When will shields receive a gemstone socket? It’s disappointing how such a pivotal equipment for tanks has been overlooked for so long. SnS damage is so lackluster, they get over-classed by similarly built light or medium bruisers with a different weapon such as Greatsword, Hatchet, or Spear. Shields need a gemstone socket that is only applied while holding a sword and having a heavy build with at least 200 CON in attributes. As of now, the SnS equipment is only viable to enable other weapons such as the Great Hammer or Blunderbuss (assuming the enemy doesn’t have Freedom perk). SnS on its own, feels like a low tier weapon—even more so with the overpowered Freedom perk that completely nullifies its stuns and slows, so now you have low damage and zero utility.

SnS is in desperate need of love.

Edit: A separate “stamina” bar for the shield would be nice too.

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Sns has 1 gem and 6 perks… compared to every other weapon that can only have 1 gem and 3 perks… You already have more customization than every other weapon in the game.

In reality the sword should have up to 30 attribute points, 1 gem slot, 3 perk slots and you equip a blank shield that is light, medium, or heavy.

Honestly, why don’t they just give every other weapon a “grip” slot with 3 perks to put in the shield slot when not equiping a shield to make it even?

So no, novel idea, but not the way to fix sns…


Works very well when tanking dungeons. Why does every weapon need to have an equal use in pvp? If it doesn’t work or you can’t find a way to make it work then don’t use it in a pvp build. There are other aspects of the game where it shines

The “tank” weapon provides lackluster tanking and damage in its current status. The only way to make tanks hardy in this game is by shoving every attribute point into CON, which means that tank will never kill anybody. Can’t lock anybody in place or slow them for one second because of the overpowered Freedom perk, and other weapons outclass SnS in terms of damage, utility, and sustainability. Heck, Hatchet does tanking and damaging a lot better than SnS.

SnS being used in pve to tank doesn’t mean it actually shines or doesn’t need improvements. When a tank is optional for the group, it’s not used for a reason. A lot of the problems SnS has impacts the effectiveness for pve.

The subpar animations, tracking and lack of ability to alter direction makes it feel bad to use. Shield Rush gets an animation penalty for upgrading it and base ability scatters enemies, two things a tank doesn’t want.

The virtually zero reach on its damaging abilities and normal attacks also means SnS is completely unable to hit enemies in a wide variety of situations.

The 300 STR change is also a nerf to Tank SnS in pve.

My disagreement doesn’t mean I agree with the OP. I think an extra gem slot is a horrible way to ‘fix’ SnS for either pvp or pve.

I agree but not in the way you put it. If you only understand game a bit, gemstone socket is counted as weapon perk. Purple Sword has 2 perks and gemstone, purple shield has 3 perks no gemstone.