Extremely bad connection to all regions

OS : Windows 10 64-bit
CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.60 GHz
Memory : 16 GB
GPU : AMD Radeon RX 5700 GDDR6 1750 MHz / 8176 MB
DirectX : ver. 12
Network : Broadband Internet Connection
Storage : 112 GB available

Error Messages : None
What is happening : Bad connection to all regions. Home region is EU Central

Where is issue : Login screen
In-game settings : Bandwidth mode - High (changing it doesn’t affect connection in neither positive nor negative manner)

Troubleshooting attempted : Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues - Support | Amazon Games

  1. Windows and all drivers are up to date
  2. All apps except for Steam are closed
  3. Re installed and verified integrity of files
  4. Modem and Router have been rebooted
  5. Connection type is wired. Speed test results during issue are as follows
  • PC is only connected device in household
  • Ping: 10 ms
  • Download: 90 Mbps
  • Upload: 45 Mbps
    Test was conducted via :https://www.speedtest.net/ app
  1. Firewall is operating properly and New World is included in the “Allow through” list
  2. Ports have been forwarded in Router

Issue persists only in New World and doesnt manifest in other titles published from Amazon or anyone else

same issue on Utopia in AP South east region, have conducted the same fixes still unable to connect

Can’t get servers for NA East at all (Orun/Valhalla). Refreshing gets nothing.

@Luxendra this looks like something that may need addressed

Same issue for me on US East servers.

Looking into this, thanks!


I just logged on Oro and castle on US East, had no issues and took a pic

Maybe it’s fixed now if there was a problem? :::I take it back, now it is happening to me as well, guess I was on right before it hit me as well folks, sorry:::

Trying to get in from Austin, TX here… server list not loading right now

Unable to connect from Nevada. The list of servers won’t even load and the game client becomes unresponsive when it tries to load the list of server.

same issue on west coast servers… no server list, no character list… something is definately borked

Now i got the "Connection error - login service isnt available at this moment … )

Same issue for US East. Login service unavailable.

Also @Luxendra On intial loading screen none of the “news and upcoming” is displaying.

I got one of those great in game “Lag Detected” messages before it tried to reconnect and failed. Then dropped back to login screen and got this. Tried restarting everything.

i cant get in also saying there is no login servers

Same to US East from Ontario, Canada. Showing full bars beside US East, but get connection error for login service

Problem went away when I eventually closed out of NW… ctrl-alt-del and ended all Steam/NW services. Then started NW fresh and it worked ok

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