Extremely high Input Latency

I am doing it through router but I have custom firmware on it and I doubt most of you can or want to mess with it.

What you can do is use any software limiter

The easiest would be netlimiter as it has user friendly ui.

  1. Open New World, open netlimiter
  2. Locate newworld.exe in activity field and click it
  3. On right side you should do this (everything there is clickable)

this stuff doesnt fix the problem for me

if i steam download a game it “fix” also if my average ping is higher due to download at full bandwidth

Did you try to lower values? Like 512KB/s or even lower (game should run ok even in 256KB/s by what I saw in traffic graphs)? Are you seeing in netlimiter that it actually throttling your bandwidth for New world (values don’t exceed the limit)? I specially installed netlimiter to see if it does it job correctly and it worked just fine. Thing that steam download helps but throttling doesn’t is somewhat weird. What’s your connection type and speeds?

its f*ing unplayable right now ,every fight is a mess…
it doesnt help

Turn your terrain detail to low. Fixed it for me.

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When the spike happens in game (2000+ ping for 4\5 sec) this was the situation in netlimiter. Nothing changed in bandwidth of the game and i had those settings.

Then your problem is probably something else.

but i still fix with full bandwidth steam game download method

I have the identical issue, please devs look into this thoroughly

Rolling back drivers did not fix it for me. RTX3080 mobile

Read the rest of the thread, limiting network bandwidth solves the problem for a majority.
I have now been playing a couple of days and for the first time it is again like it was at the start! No other changes made only limiting the bandwidth (I even increased my graphics settings and it is still perfect)!

My upload drops to 2-.4 when the input latency starts to spike. Have no idea how to fix.

I had the same issue. Today I had less lag (like only 4 times in 4hours).

What happend was the following:

I changed some of my Chat-Notifications. I deactivated some and activated some as “highlighted”.
I changed everything back to “Feed” and today was less lag. This might help some people. And Dev’s should check out if there is a problem with the coding of the Chat.

Back for my weekly bump on this thread. Still no support, still no solutions. I’m not downloading russian networking software, but I did try downloads/streaming/speedtests while I was spiking and no luck. No terrain settings changed anything. The problem is apparent before I even log in. If all the regions are red/one bar I know its going to be a bad night.

Please give us an update AGS… well over a month now and nothing from you guys.

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I’ve tried absolutely every solution I could find on the internet and still stutters.

Game Build(1476313) 09 Nov 21 (16 56 29)

Video record

Back after another 11 days. Same game different day. Take your time Amazon some of us have only been unable to play 80% of the content for like 40 days lol


Have a tech coming out again don’t expect anything will change after they leave again.

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Hey folks,

We understand that this is an issue that is affecting all of you, and we want to gather more information.

In order to gather this information in the best way possible please post the following information this post [High Latency & Stuttering Issues]:

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen:
  • World ID:
  • Bandwidth settings:

Our Dev will gather this information and review what’s the issue is about.