Extremely high latency and constant disconnects

Hello! I’ve been experiencing extremely high latency numbers for the past week or so-- I took a bit of a break for the first 3 weeks of December for final+work+family, so when I came back not only was my server merged but also had the December patch and new event. At first I thought it might be a graphics issue with the higher population of online players on my new server (Ys, btw) and turned my settings all to medium and player nameplates to 2, yet still had the same issues… constant lag detected message, rubberbanding, random disconnects.

I thought then maybe it was my connection and went through a whole mess of things with that (installed new modem+router, switched between wireless and wired connections, monitoring network traffic and changing firewall settings just to name a few). But then I found something weird… My husband also plays, and he never has the same lag issues I do, despite being on the same network and both computers connected via ethernet (unless the server status on the character select screen shows it to have a bad connection overall, but that’s completely expected).

I don’t remember what exact components/specs his rig has (except a Radeon GPU), but I’m running a Ryzen 7 3700x, RTX 2060, 32GB RAM. I haven’t had any luck researching if there are any specific issues related to the RTX 2060 GPUs (since I know NW still likes to brick the higher end 30 series cards, apparently), so I’m pretty well stumped on what’s going on. I almost never had lag issues when I played before the server merges and December update, and now the game is practically unplayable.

It makes me sad because I do enjoy this game a lot and just want to play… even if 90% of all I do is gathering and crafting because it’s oddly soothing? But anyways, any help, please?


I have been responding to other other posts talking about same issue in hope they would prioritise it to be fixed first. I’m just like you who enjoy playing this game. Being a working adult that mostly busy during day time, my only play time would be at night. This issue happens always at night just before midnight. Ridiculous.

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I thought at first it was more people playing online at night, but since I’m now unexpectedly unemployed I’ve tried playing in the morning to see if it was any better (7-9am) and sadly no. Honestly it’s probably worse… here’s hoping they’ll get it fixed soon!


Yep it’s bad - and they haven’t said anything about it except re-post the same “Try these possible solutions” which for most - does not help at all.

Because the issue is the game.

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Hello @Korvazor.

Sorry to hear about the high latency issues you’ve been experiencing.

Could you please confirm if you’ve tried these possible fixes in the following article: Troubleshooting Lag and Connectivity Issues - Support | Amazon Games.

I’d also like you to try setting up the following port forward for New World:

TCP: 80, 443

UDP: 33435.

If non of the above worked, I’d appreciate if you could provide me with the following information to escalate this issue:

  • Character name:
  • Server name:
  • Region:
  • Your country/location:
  • Internet speed:

Thanks in advance!

People don’t forget.

I’ve tried all of those fixes and set up the port forwarding, nothing has worked so far.
The game was fine to play for a couple of days, but now it’s back to the same thing… lag detected, disconnecting, etc.

Character name: Sister Imperator
Server: Ys
Region: US East
Location: Charlotte, NC
Internet speed: 200 MBPS

Did you try restarting your pc ? Or maybe moving the new world desktop shortcut around?

Let me know if that helps.
P.s it’s not a problem on our end . That is impossible.

I want to be a cm here must be so much fun to do this.

Hey @Korvazor.

Thank you for sharing that information with us.

In order to properly escalate this issue, we will need a few files and these cannot be shared through the forums. Please contact chat support Contact Us | Amazon Games and share with them the following link Extremely high latency and constant disconnects so they can get all the information needed to escalate this. The files needed will be:

The last 3 in-game logs:

  • You can get these by following: Users/AppData/local/AGS/LogBackups (there could be two AGS folders).

And your DXDiag:

  • The following link will generate your DXDiag:

Open and run DxDiag.exe.

If anything else is needed, feel free to tag me.

Cheers! :mage:

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