F*** Umbrals, F*** gear-score and F*** mutators - This isn't Cookie Clicker

All three are pointless and change nothing no matter how much or how many you do or have.
All three are not to be considered new content but somehow took the place of new content.

Could be 625 in every slot after running 10,000 mutators. It’d be the same gear I was already wearing- with no notable changes to it other than a number going slightly upward.

Cookie Clicker is what should be played if the only desire had is to Click and watch numbers raise.


All the introduction of mutators changed was how annoying making a group is and how high strung the Opener would be over their risked resources. To run the same dungeons we’ve been running at cap.
Not even a refreshing re-run of something we haven’t had in a good while if you’ve been at cap level, like Amrine or Starstone. The same two dungeons we were stuck running at 60 already.

Oh it also made a lot of people toxic with eachother for not inviting one another to groups.

Because its never been solely about fun
Its about player retention when all possible content is going to be binge played in a few days by many players

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People want to be relatively sure they’ll be going in with experienced people with adequate GS. How is that toxic?

They did add new Mechanics to these expeditions. " Not saying that it is hard or anything"
But technically it is newer content.
Questions is, Is it enough?

its already not bingeable.

you have to grind a ridiculous amount to even START the mutation unless you were already 600 gear score legendary on all slots

ags didnt even design the content for proper retention in the first place.

I’ve grinded from 535 - 600 in 2 weeks just to do mutations.
Now I have:

623 Dex build, Spear / VG
621 Healing Build, LS / VG
618 Tank Build SnS / Hammer
620 Mage Build IG / VG

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Im going to assume you recycled at least 3 pieces of your VG set right?

im also going to make the assumption that you ended up buying at least one set for a pretty penny at 600. most likely the VG stuff.

the weapons most likely farmed and or purchased at or close to 599.

thats a lot of dosh for casual binge players to drop.

because the alterative of you getting lucky on 600 drops on all your armor, and or crafting everything is slim to non.

otherwise that is a LOT of mutations / casts.

Same Heavy Chest and Helm across all my gear.
Same VG gauntlet.

Initially crafted a full set of VoidBent gear.

Farmed weapons. Only Weapon I leveled from 595-621 is my Will of the Ancients

Gear was crafted by me, and 3-5 pieces across all builds were bought.

AND YES. This is why I play all 3 roles. Just so I can get into any available slot in a Mutation.

Already cleared M-10 Laz like 4-5 times in GOLD. a few times in Bronze lol.

i hate pve in this game only playing for wars/opr lucky i buyed 600GS before the expertise scaling update im still sitting at 520 expertise xd

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Wait, you think this is your last set of gear in New World?

Even if its not, it wont be as useless as they become in lost ark

That isn’t toxic at all - BUT after explaining exactly that and the fact that everyone can make the same number of orbs until I’m blue in the face I still have a lot of in-game associates who are raw over not being invited to every group or run through everyone else’s orbs.
^-- that malcontent is the toxic part. Its not as blunt as what I imagined you pictured at first: someone too low gs to meet the recommendation being salty about a group declining them.(Agreed that its perfectly reasonable to decline that person, whether I’m a fan of GS or not.)

Do you mean Voidbent? If so, sure I have had a voidbent set for some time that 3 pieces could be used for about any build but thats not really the point here.

What was this list of assumptions leading up to? xD

How do you know? Most mmorps gear gets reset each expansion. Theres a better than even odds all our gear gets replaced at some point.

Hahaha true, I’m laughing but I’m crying xD

wasnt a reply to you.

and regardless the point was he reused 2-3 of his main weapons armor set which reduces the amount of umbrals needed when he goes on any of the builds he listed at 510+

its a good use of armor and so he didnt need to upgrade as much gear with umbrals.

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