Facing reality and asking for an honest response

Everyone know that queues are not working properly, everyone knows 2k is very low (especially now that people already have defined servers to play on with friends/groups), everyone knows the team is working hard on solutions.

What I’d like to know is what those solutions exactly are, and when can we expect anything?
I’d suggest intead of trying to reply to the dozens of posts made every minute make a statement and be available to answer questions.

For the mods/managers: your job ain’t easy, especially in the first week, but you could make it easier by just providing everyone with frequent updates (like every couple of hours), instead of “keep tuned in the new few days” - like, I’m sure you know that I’d like to play before “the next few days”.

You’re not gonna solve anything by copy pasting your reply in every post, we’re all human and most of us players understand the struggles of launch days in MMOs.

Everyone want’s to play, and clearly AGS understimated the influx of players, it’s ok. Whoever wants to refund can refund (steam will probably give refunds after 2 hours), but the people willing to wait and be part of this game, deserve a proper response, an honest response, and not wait a few days for a PR response and a thank you for our patience.


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Thank you for saying this in a clearcut manner, I desperately hope they listen. I tried making the same point among others, but many people don’t seem to actually read the OP.

Let’s hope at least AGS reads the OP.


I would also like to point out that considering more EU worlds were added, they are already full of players, including the original ones on launch as well… the 2k world limit is obviously not enough even with the insane amount of worlds too


Yeah, even if they add new servers, my char is already in a full server, that I can’t connect to.
To be fair, I’ve just joined the game after almost 2 hours in the queue, along with some crashes, which isn’t by far the worst experience… But still… 2 hours is all some people have to play.

Legit, I would be pleased with a simple update from the community manager or dev team with that exactly is being done rather than their community being ignored.


Yeah, we need an ETA on those servers. I need to know if I should just plan sth else for my nights for a week, two weeks or a month? When can I expect to play?


I’d say don’t expect much until next week :confused: I’m guessing the weekend is going to be horrible…


queues are the reason most reviews on steam are negative. at least there are consequences to their silence (which is another major reason ironically)

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Well said. We are at the end of day 2 and we are still not any further. We start to see AGS has not learned from other MMO launches and that does not bide well for the future of this game.

For me the utter lack of clear communication is mindboggling.

Also fully aware this post will not help the game…just for my own sanity.


sucks to be CM/Customer support, but im pretty sure they have themselves not more info than “the issue is being worked on” and there is only so many ways they can rephrase this to not sound like a broken record.

chances are, no one knows an answer at this stage, as possible fixes are being tested if they work at all.


I fear the forums are - as many are in recent times - merely a vent for the disgruntled, not a meaningful place to interact with the company.

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steam refund ¯_(ツ)_/¯ only way

Yeah, I understand things dont go as expected, but at least give us some information and keep us in the loop, that’s all I ask… :slight_smile:

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This is bad and communication would go a long way to helping players frustration

I hope smilegate are watching this S**t show!


Could it be that the meaningfull interaction ended with the end of OpenBeta? (And further, as a bad thought, after the possibility for a refund 'cause of xy+hours in the waiting-q)

Before launch, i often read how cool the devs&co are, because they dont only speak to the community but they also listened and gave answers. This was also a reason for my buuying this game.

They are slashed in a large arc so that the player base is up in line. I don’t understand how a company with such a large server park can afford such a fiasco that only 2,000 players can be allowed on 1 server. This is already depressing. I know this was the last time I took the Amazon service to the fore. I’ll cancel all my subscriptions. Because that’s ridiculous. You can’t solve the queue for 1 day

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Exactly. 2k limit on the server doesn’t work. They needed to develop a system to allow 10x that on a virtual server. One where the players are instanced so as to prevent region overcrowding and scaling issues. It seems like they really just weren’t ready and didn’t develop the infrastructure for it.

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2k is just fine, every area is full of people, they need channels like maplestory, each channel with 2k players all belonging to same world/server


As people progress to other areas, they can slowly expand the limit. I’d say 3k now would be suitable. Just my personal take on it ofc.