Faction balance is pretty bad on all US East servers

Right now every single east server is being dominated by Yellow because they have the numbers right now. The problem with this is it also drives people away because people give up if one side is over powered.

They need to add some type of buff to the population of the lower population factions to make it easier to compete especially if we don’t have the numbers. Like a 15% to damage or healing buff in wars or something like that. Again this would only benefit the lowest population of the factions, because this wouldn’t work if you did it by who owns what territory, it could easily be exploited

Just a thought.

Or maybe peeps have just realized purp got the herp and green ain’t too keen yennoe?

Because the best outcome for everyone on a server is for everyone to be one colour and enjoy the benefits.
War is dumb. The model of territory control reinforces this.
Enticing people to minority factions is like trying to tell people to be stupid.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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  1. Many gamers can’t handle ‘losing’ anymore, guilds just cry and switch to easy mode.

  2. Wars are pretty much not part of the game for most, so why worry about faction.

IMO, NW needs an RvR zone with towers and stuff to fight over, along with some mild or modest rewards, titles, ect. Inside the RvR zone, underdog factions get ever increasing bonuses to damage and mitigation, based on population difference inside the zone. Issues with all RvR zones are mostly during off-hours, so for 8 off-hours no gains can be made towards rewards, no matter how much lame crying happens from the 5% that want to exploit and endlessly claim it is the only time they can play (LOL, so lame, see it evey MMO, go play on a different time zone if true w–ker!).

Im on the 2nd biggest east server maramma.

No where near true. Seems you dont do your researcg.

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You will need to enforce that whenever a town loses an invasion, they will lose control of the town.

It will make invasion meaningful and at the same time make it harder for a single company to control the whole map.

People of opposite fraction can then choose not to participate in invasion

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Bingo. To me wars don’t exist in the game. I don’t even care who wins them. I haven’t participated in one since my low pop server got merged. NW needs to do more to make faction matter without making it something oppressive like insane travel restrictions.

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War shouldn’t even be instanced.

By the way,

What in the 9 realms are you talking about when Maramma is
Purple: 4
Green: 4
Yellow: 3

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Yeah but historically Maramma has been an incredibly balanced server. It’s been awesome. We see normal fluctuations but it’s been pretty good. Maybe other US East servers are bad but it’s pretty solid.

The recent reduction of wars to 40 vs. 40 only exacerbated the problem.

Balance only gets bad when people get too worried and complain about unbalance then quit the servers themselves to abandon their factions. Pluto has been balanced usually but before merges it nearly was bad balanced because 2 main companies left because one company that was skilled took everfall and managed to stall influence well. that and they had internal drama amongst each other. My advice is just to keep going and improving and never abandoning your companies.

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They need to lower, or completely remove, faction swap CD. Especially with the transfer tokens being out plenty of companies want to fight but are stuck wait on poeple CD.

That just shows another flaw with the current faction swap system. Poeple cant go purple even though in practice they are by far the weakest faction based on that map.

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Not sure which server he checked but Covenant only have 2 territories on CoS ( RS / WW )

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yep last i remember we had a hard green push in COS when we merged from COB and its being mostly retained as green.

lots of fun.

hope the other colors get their shit together and push and take stuff back in numbers so that i might have a small chance to get into a war.

As i mentioned before, not only is the faction timer preventing people from a good home and keeping retention rates up, its also harming faction balance.

The timer to transfer factions should be set to 3 days.

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This has been proposed several times. This just creates a moving inbalance as players transfer just for the buff as under dog changes. This would create a faction economy where being a large faction with no territory is desirable for buffs.

They need to introduce the idea of faction betrayers. Players that can signup and participate in wars against their own faction

Did you even look at every US East server? Perhaps you just skipped over Maramma for some reason.

Stating that anything is totally one thing or another is risky. It’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way.

Didn’t catch your post in time as I was so surprised at the claim that I felt compelled to reply.

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