Faction balance should be shown when players are given their faction options

Currently on my server it is about 60% Syndicate, 35% Marauder and 5% Covenant. We need faction balance to be properly displayed when people are selecting their factions and potentially over populated factions can no longer be picked. End game PVP won’t exist on my server for Covenant so we will have 2 options… Transfer to one of the bigger factions or transfer off the server.

This has been a huge concern since the inception of factions and we need to know what the plans are to remedy the situation.


To add to that, not only shown but enforced so that people can’t join a faction which is dominating and having more members than the rest of the factions.

I think Blade and Soul did this, you can not join a faction which has more members than the rest of them.

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If you mean enforce it on new players choosing for the first time then I disagree completely, you could maybe give incentives to join another, but never force new players. On the other hand you shouldn’t be allowed to convert to the dominating faction.

Your option is to let us police ourselves and make the better choice for the health of the game… Which isn’t ever going to happen. No thanks. Ill take forced faction balancing for 100 Alex. Just like how they shut off making new chars on over populated servers, same should be done for factions. We should however be able to see the faction balance when we click a server before we join it.

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