Faction Balance

There needs to be a check and balance to ensure that there is some sort of way to even out the population of each faction. Majority seems to be 2 highly populated faction with one underdog aka low populated faction.

I so want to move my main char to another server because it’s not fun having an over population of 2 factions. In my perspective, the game would probably benefited if there was only 2 factions. Adding a 3rd faction does make it unique, but it has it’s own set of problems where 1 faction is the underdog with fewer members.

In addition, I think having a world wide PVP where all servers can que will be a great idea because that way each faction can be represented equally. However, it may have issues because perhaps the server can’t balance the same numbers for all 3 factions.

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There needs to be just TWO factions.

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There is already some balance.
For example if faction has no territory’s, each PVP mission they do flips 20% of a territory while the people owning that territory will only get 2-5% per PVP mission.

But Wars…if the defender knows what they are doing, there is almost nothing the attacker can to do win the War. One or two peoples can hold back a zerg if done right.

Wars will need to be rebalanced at some stage.

Balance could maybe be achieved by:

  • Buffing Faction Rep gains for members of the weakest Faction;
  • Buffing Territory Standing gains for members of the weaker Factions;
  • Buffing all aspects of War (and Invasion, and Outpost Rush) for the weaker Factions;
  • Discounting all Property Taxes paid by members of the weaker Factions (this doesn’t change what the Settlement owner gets, it only changes how much each player has deducted from their wallet);
  • Discounting project and town maintenance costs for Settlements controlled by the weaker Factions.

… with all of this based on number of territories controlled. If you have 0 or 1 less territories than the strongest Faction, there is no buff.

For every additional Territory you are “behind” the leader, your Faction gets a 20% buff (or 20% discount, as applicable).

So if the leader has 4 Territories, and your Faction has only 1…? Congrats, that’s an 80% buff/discount rate. Use it wisely and go take a Territory away from them.

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