Faction benefits are needed

For example my sever green and purple own the map. You hardly see orange people running around. They need to do somthing to make orange more appealing it is by far the lowest picked faction in the game.

Is there a way to see faction total population?

Well, I supposed it’s a matter of server

Day 1, at 14:00 there was already 1 sector for yellow, not difficult to imagine why so much of players did chose it. Now it’s difficult to imagine a reversal before the free migration

It really depends on server.
Seeing as on mine yellow did have the majority of the zones yesterday and a few days before, but have now equal territory with green. Purple on the other hand only have 2 but hopefully will change soon with more wars raging on.

Yeah i mean idk why its so unbalanced on some servers like mine there are basically 2 factions. orange are influencing cutlass but they dont have the players to fill the war if purple even allows them to declare war.

The only answer you will get is Amazons answer to everything.

You stuck in a queue that is too long? Change servers.

You playing on a sever that a mega guild has dominated on and jacked up all the taxes? Change servers.

You want Faction benefits because no one is playing Yellow. Changer servers.

They need to address the issues in a post or something and need to have a road map come out

Factions gain different influence based on territory control

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