Faction Change CD

I swapped factions 3 months ago and had about 20 days on my cooldown. I had been in touch with support all last week assuring me that my CD would be up at the patch because the CD was being reduced by 60 days. Instead of reducing, they added 50+ days to my CD timer. This is an absolute joke and after waiting all this time and contacting support left and right, writing tickets about my issue. This is how it is solved? Absolute BS. Now, I’ve heard there is a CD removal with no ETA coming out, but after waiting all this time I have no patience at all. Hope none of you have to experience this as I have been unable to play with my friends for months since they incentivized flagging for pvp. Game was fun for a bit, but the inability to solve simple problems for their long term players is what kills it for me.


We are aware of this issue, so keep on looking for updates on the official news to know when this reset will be done in the upcoming patches.

Hope this helps

The end all be all for my issues was patch 1.2. However instead of a - , it was a +. So “Keep on looking for updates” is probably the last thing I want to read.

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