Faction change on merge

i guess they are just gonna ignore us haha

upcoming patch but nothing regarding this. sadge

yeah they will lose players because of this garaunteed

I am only playing this now because of friends, and now that i cant transfer with them, i might go ahead and find a new game

where do you see patch notes?

thats old it was last nights patch wasnt it

last nights notice but i think its today’s patch

Need that faction reset @Luxendra, ty!

Its honestly sad the only way of getting decent basic needs in game is to spam the forums, like we had to do for the merges to happen…

yea and whats even worse is we are being left hanging. No communication at all. They can jsut say if its possible or not

Couple minutes after the merge i contacted amazon support for NW on live chat with the unbalanced issues asking for a reset, they said they werent gonna do it, so those posts are my only hope

If so, why dont they communicate it to us. I hope they give us faction reset, that might be the last thing that can keep me from playing this

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We just wanna enjoy the game. We got merged into a yellow dominated server. Lots of us are stuck here in yellow and we just wanna transfer for server balance sake and to try and contest lands, and enjoy pvp content of this game


Tir Na Nog purple players need that token

@Luxendra somes news plz ? Actually, much payers stop to play because you didn’t reset this cooldown !!!

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