Faction cooldown reset!

When will the reset cooldown to change faction will happen? We just merge and there is one faction literally controlling the entire map. We are trying to balance with the opportunity to change faction but we have a lot of people still on cooldown including myself. Any input on this will be gladly appreciated.

Hello @ltorresgonzalez ! :panda_face:

Check what @Kay stated here [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay

We are aware of this imbalance on faction map control after some merges, and also a bug affected this cooldown in a previous patch. For all of this, devs are working on a one-time reset of the faction change cooldown for everyone. But we have no updates at the moment for this feature. Our Community Managers will post timing details in the Official News - New World Forums section when there is an update about this :panda_face:

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