Faction gear seals

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The idea with faction seals is great, but since they are limited to one time use it greatly undermines the (potential) flexibility. is there a chance a new seal could be introduced that would convert to CON only? I imagine there would be a lot of player willing to go with the route of having one armor with only CON and re-specking attribute points as necessary. This would be a big QoL change for players looking for flexibility, especially since faction armor is such a grind.

There is con only armour for purchase in the faction shop

And it’s the only armor without resilience ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I would love to have the ability to use any seals I want to on my armor as much as I want on my armor. If I want to play a str/con tank one week and an int/con tank the next week, why can I not use the seals to change the faction armor to suit my build without having to spend countless hours and 5k gold to farm up and entirely new set. It is still faction armor even after using the seal, and makes no sense as to why we can’t us another seal to change the stats again.

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