Faction mission Nerf?

We get new “exciting” faction missions added. To break up the boredom of runfning these mindless quests. I have yet to meet a single person who enjoys running dozens of these missions to push their factions influence. Yet alone to do them for a “reward” of token.

Now, with the new “choices” its even worse. Instead of having 3 missions you can do in one swoop. You get them more spread out and harder to complete. They might be different, but certainly not better. How am I supposed to find enemy players to complete that. Or I can wait 30 minutes for a refresh, to do my 3 at once.

It’s hard to find anything enjoyable left in this game. The changes don’t seem to be helping that, only making it worse.

I agree

I just do the daily’s now, since the nerf they are awful. At least previously i could flag and grab three and rinse repeat, now it’s flag take two as you rarely see enemy flag (because of pop dying due to a very broken game) do those and find something else to use my time on.

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