Faction Mission Payouts are a joke

Gold payouts for faction missions are beyond a joke. They need to at min be around 25g - 50g.

If outpost rush can reward me with 300+ Gold for 1 win, that I can honestly get from just standing in a corner the entire game… then you can afford to boost the payout for these missions that require you to at least do them.


I love doing faction missions, I do them daily, and I agree with the sentiment that at least pvp missions needs to be adjusted. Especially around the end games zones (51+)

you need to kill 5 guys without dieing for 14.60 whats wrong with that, just dont drink any potions and after you fix your armor you will only pay 14.60 :)))

we have a game where people prefer to farm raw hide all day instead of crafting and selling amulets and weapons, and where people stack against edge of landmark, for hours waiting in spot for a mob to spawn just to get loot instead of crafting orbs and going to instances

Its a game which is not actually played its a game thats constantly gamed

the old ones were good since u could do 3 in like 5 minutes for the daily 350g but now there all over the place and very time consuming for rubbish reward

I agree with this.

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