Faction participation for War Supplies!

I think it would be interesting if players could support their faction in the war during the preparation phase.

A general list of items needed for a war is listed and players can donate to the war efforts by crafting and supplying things like Food, Ammo, Potions, Weapons, Armor etc.
Each of these that get filled up gives a boost to the army of that faction.
Each Faction in the war can donate to their side. The 3rd faction out can help either side as they see fit.
These donations are territory specific.
No limit to these boosts, you can donate as much as you want.

For every 100,000 Ammo donated Musket users and Repeater cannons gain an additional 10% damage.
For every 100,000 planks of wood provided the HP of the door is stronger for Defenders, and attackers turrets have more HP for Attackers.
For every 5,000 Weapons donated melee attacks do 10% more damage.
For every 50,000 food provided that team gets 10% hp boost.

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Sure why not take the ONE thing where the dominating faction does not have an unbeatable advantage and give them laser muskets, doors that can survive a nuclear blast, raid boss hp and laser swords :smiley:

Great idea

Sure they do that once, but do you think they could do this every war every time especially if the wars are done as frequently as they are?
I highly doubt things would be as bad as your portraying here.

Also, it is a way of getting the faction more involved in the wars even if it is not fighting in them. The game is a mix of PvE and PvP, doing this gives the PvE players a way they can help in a war if they wish and it could grant them some xp and coin like town boards missions that are taken from the War board.

how long do you think factions with 1.000 players need to farm 100k wood?

Ok then raise the numbers.

Still a very bad idea as the LAST thing this game needs is more advantages to the factions already kicking everyones butts.

What advantage do they have when it is already limited to 50v50?

And then just add a Cap, and not make it unlimited.
Regardless of the example, do you think it would be good for the player base to allow everyone in the faction participate in the war even in their own little way?

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Also, considering the player cap s 2250, if 1 faction has 1k players. That is a whole different problem for Devs to figure out how to handle. Because that means 1 faction already has 1/2 the players on the server. (Especially since the cap started at 2k.)

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factions with three or four times the players will rack up WAY more ressources than the already half-dead faction.


dominating faction will need way less time to cap the bonuses. So the loosing faction will spend 80% of their time trying to get to an even footing in the war to keep their last territory, the other faction has plenty of time improving their gear.

No matter how: it will be a MAJOR advantage for the dominating faction.

Want to help your faction as pve player? Craft for them, farm for them. Sell top gear you are crafting in faction chat, not trade post.

Again, if factions have that large of a discrepancy. That is another problem for Devs regardless of my suggestion.

Yet it is a fact on most of the servers. Amazon fucked up doing ANYTHING to help with faction balance.

Fix THAT first, then we can think about something like that.

Oh, so your saying we can only focus on the immediate but we cannot make suggestions for future possibilities?

Iā€™m not saying not to fix the current faction imbalance problems but that is not what this thread is about. It is about suggesting a way for the faction to work together and assist with war preparations. Right now it is a simple $5k, 10k or 15k. Paid by the attacking company. That is all.

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I dont mean to be rude but its in general a terrible idea.

New world ist already mega-grindy. you literally need Millions of ressources to get anywhere.

And your first thought is: yo. Perfect idea. Lets create a mandatory permanent grind-sinkhole that will lead to everyone chopping wood/farming whatever ressources else give you unbeatable bonuses for 90% of their playtime?

Why? :smiley:

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