Faction points/orb nonsense


Ok, so, thanks for the pvp salt, and 3v3s, they are a lot of fun. There has been a lot of world PvP since the patch, and I highly appreciate that. It’s enhanced the game, however, even before this patch, I have always been CAPPED on faction points even with buying the only things that you could possibly use(orbs/pots) or sell.

Can we please for the love of the Spark, add some faction-related furniture or items? How about 10k for a faction flag for your home? More faction gear? Covenant bibles, syndicate microscopes, marauder uhh w/e marauders do…kill things or something? RP related things?

Also, this 20 dungeon allowance thing you guys are trying to implement with the next patch? You’re going to take away orbs but limit how players play your game. This isn’t very bright, y’know? Please rethink this.

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Definitely could use a bigger faction shop. Like: to buy Bound crafting materials.

like pvp defense and such? Ehh maybe a +20% movement speed outside combat too haha

Solution: Allow more runs beyond 20 with no loot or takes Orbs to run after 20. Or diminish returns, decreasing loot by x%n^runs


I love this idea, except I dont want them to decrease loot chances. It’s your risk of using an orb. They’re about to be using orbs for caches on last boss from my understanding though. :frowning:

Ahh this would be cool, but too OP probably. lol I was just thinking of more RP items and decorations. But honestly, I’m pro, small faction bonuses if we could figure that out. :slight_smile:

Yes, they are. I think it’s a waste tho. Could repurpose Orbs for extra Runs, extra loot chance, Buffs, or even to ‘fill it’ the Bosses energy to use as crafting material for special items.

Uhhh like statues? Or perhaps a memorable portrait-screen shot in-game? Trophies for winning x matches?

Oh, like 5% less damage when 2+ enemy players around and such.
5 % more rewards from wars and opr

I like the orbs idea post 20. But in reality, I’d bet 98% of people on this forum expressing opposition to 20 orbs per week will never even come close to reaching that maximum. I love mutations and have never gotten close to that many in a week.

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I know I wont be doing 20 a week unless theres an extremely specific drop Im after, Im just advocating for them to remove the limit on behalf of the people I know do way more than 20 a week.

They are putting in the time, let them have their rewards.

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Exactly. I wont be doing 20 a week either probably, most weeks, unless there is a new dungeon again. But, I don’t think we should limit those who choose to want to run more.

this would be cool! or higher chance at named drops in pvp chests or w/e.

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Just add all craft mods to the fraction shop