Faction quest: 5-man party (Group Finder)

Hello devs!

I do think and I hope other players think so aswell that faction quest need more variation and more story behind why we doing these faction quests.

Here I try to get renew faction quests at vendor (x3 times) and still getting these elite and expedition quests and sure it isent bad, but you need group to finish them.
Missing soul and to much repeatable quests.

Suggestion of one new faction quest: PVE- 5man group (Group Finder linked)
Faction vendor: (x3 quests choises) each is an minor quest story line, but you can only take one at a time to complete.

Helping hand: Faction vendor: quest (1) have heared of fellow faction member that got badly injured and needs help.
He ask you to (use group finder) to find more adventures to join on your quest (you and your party members will get rewarded for doing the quest) +/- dailys.

Following up quest (2) Faction vendor ask your party to find this injured faction member, its an Timed quest, so you only have short time to save him, so your party need to run fast.
Only one member need to find the injured faction member to complete the quest.
(The quest isent trackable, group has an area on the map they need to seach for this injured faction member), luckly there are footprints on the ground.

Following up quest (3), After you have found him, he give you two choises over 2 routes which quest line your party gonna take next, the faction member ask your team (choise 1), to avenge his death, find and kill this strong elite boss monster.
Or (choise 2), help him back to the town, but he is injured so one of your party members need to carry him (this player is slowed), while the others in the group needs to protect the team from the dangerous route ahead back to the town, (minor elite mobs spawns in groups)

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