Faction themed skin

Hello there, here I am asking for a nice thing for the roleplay on the faction oriented game.

Please, allow us to have skins that match our factions.

When a player reaches the MAX LEVEL of the faction, grant them a skin of the themed faction gear.

It would be so cool to handle around with a bunch of plaguebringers, as the lore went to be.


Ops… Can I get a way to dye the skins too? Thanks, love you Santa Claus


Oh I like this idea. Having Yellow, Purple, Green faction outfits with different fashion styles would be great. Otherwise, have store bought skins be dyable.


Yeahhh, it would be so colorful and themed

Faction-themed skins is a really cool idea!

What would your dream faction skin look like?

if not for faction levels, do you think any other goal would be suitable for obtaining a faction skin?


Faction skin is awesome! Prepare for a clown colored version of it next month.

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I think is safe to say that the majority of us want the skins that are curentlly in the Faction Shop. But you will listen ?! Neah next month another clown skin and GG.

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The already in-game faction skin would be great, if the player get to to last rank of the faction reputation, they should be granted with it (I think would be smart to remove it from the player when it change faction)

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we already have faction skins in the faction vendor, we just can’t use them because “transmog” or whatever you wanna call it is what we need, not more stuff in the shop
(of course i do welcome new shop items, just adding something to make all the already good items in the game useful seems more efficient)

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