Faction Vendor Needs a Rework

Maybe you read my comment again and you see that I literally answered every point that you mentioned.

Not sure what I supposedly missed.

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well it should be all about exclusive cosmetics because thats the point of joining factions is to have content to grind for hence why i said optional content for you you dont have to use tokens for tmog while others would like to . its not stopping you from doing what you want just dont buy the items then good lord .


Thanks for your suggestions regarding the Faction Vendor. I appreciate everyone contributing and chiming in on your discussion. I will forward all feedback to the Dev team to review. :slight_smile:


thanks ! looking forward to have more stuff to get from the vendor when you guys do .

faction vendor is dirt. The writs, expertise gypsum orbs, runes of holding and blight/corruption potions are the only things that matter. Everything else could be deleted and nobody would bat an eye.

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Material Converters are more than likely the most purchased item.

But I agree 95% of the faction vendor is useless.

No it’s not over priced. You don’t like it is all

Can you explain how you think it is not over-priced?

  • I’ve even given examples of potion and gear from TP to compare.

Pvp gets no love

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yes. it doesn’t cost too much coin for the leveling gear at faction vendors.

In comparison to the Trade Post it does.
Players should mainly use Faction Tokens to buy the gear as a reward imo.

In your opinion. Now I see

Ever since many ran faction gear at release of the game in wars ive been missing it. I loved to see the differences on armor looks, you knew you were fighting another faction. Seeing the majority of my company line up with marauder gear was so fun before the clash. Let us have more of these! I need my badass unique marauder set with the dark green cape moving in the wind. Expensive gold/faction token skins in the faction shop (maybe unlock different ones per tier rank) or tokens in the normal shop, why not both. Ive no idea why theyve left the faction differences/looks, but I hope they work on this.

A few ideas to make the faction store alive.

Turn the faction gear into skins.

Add items like craft mods, patterns, emotes, umbral shards and t5 gemstone/oakflesh (bind on pickup version) to the store.

Get rid of Azoth Salt and have the PvP track rewards be free of choice. Make the modes that give Azoth Salt reward more Faction Tokens instead.

Nope. This will kill faction and PvP currency

How so?
The Azoth Salt currency makes zero sense the way it is in the game right now. Everyone is capped at 100k with dozens of bottles in the bank. Having two currencies from PvP is just conflicting.

The faction vendor is the most uncreative PvP vendor I’ve ever seen in a game. There is nothing to collect, just two resellable items of value and a bunch of outdated gear.

Make the vendor into something people actually wants to farm for personal value. Vanity items and Umbral Shards goes a long way for starters.

AGS care nothing about PvP. Hence why no changes or content added to PvP system. Alas, new world is just not a PvP game

Yes we all know “It’s PvX yada yada nobody should get to enjoy content I don’t like”.

Don’t need these comments in every single thread mate.


I do enjoy PvP. Truly. New world just does it poorly. Very few can beat me in the field and it is boring and stagnant. Has been since third month after launch.

Don’t get it twisted or read into what I’m posting all over. PvP in new world is lack luster at best. Zero creativity or X factor. Just plain boring.

Add to that meaningless rewards and Bobs your uncle.

Good day Sir